P. O. BOX 2120

November 19, 1999


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Month for Children

The 1997 General Assembly amended the Code of Virginia to officially designate May 
as "The Month for Children" in the commonwealth (Section 2.1-27.9).  The purpose of 
the legislative action is to focus on children's special contributions to family, 
school, and community; to deal with problems that affect children in the 
commonwealth, the nation, and the world; and to encourage the citizens of Virginia 
to rededicate themselves and to increase their efforts to improve the lives and 
ensure the futures of children everywhere).  This memorandum calls attention to 
this designation and encourages special activities and media coverage that focus on 
the contributions made by our children and youth.

To support this endeavor, The Children and Youth Task Force was established to:

               Provide a yearly forum to recognize and appreciate 
               children and youth and their mentors for the good 
               they do, and create an awareness throughout the State 
               of the unheralded contributions they make to the communities 
               in which they live and learn.

On May 6, 1999, 10 children and 13 mentors were honored at the Third Annual May is 
the Month for Children Awards ceremony at the Science Museum of Virginia. The cost 
of this event was underwritten by the Capital One Leadership Grant Program.  All 
honorees received a certificate of acknowledgment issued by Governor Gilmore's 
In May 2000, plans are under way to honor up to 16 children and youth and 16 mentors
in a special celebration at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond.  It is a 
time for all Virginians to give long overdue recognition to our children and youth 
and their mentors.  The date, time, and other details of the celebration will be 
announced as soon as plans are finalized.

Enclosed is information suitable for posting and/or copying regarding student and 
mentor nominations.  Please note the February 11, 2000, deadline for nominations.

Questions related to this effort should be directed to Ken Magill at (804) 225-2073 
or Sydney Diggs, Task Force Director, at (804) 725-5319.


Enclosures:	A hard copy of this memo and its attachment
		will be sent to the superintendent's office.