P. O. BOX 2120

December 17, 1999


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: JoLynne DeMary
Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Remediation Study

The 1999 Appropriation Act requires the Department of Education to conduct a 
statewide review and evaluation of the effectiveness of state-funded programs 
established to address academic deficiencies of students at risk of educational 
failure.  The Department has contracted with the School of Education at The College 
of William and Mary, in conjunction with other universities, to conduct this 
remedial study.  The study design is divided into several phases.  The current 
phase necessitates visits to 16 school divisions, two from each of the 
Superintendent's Regional Study Groups, to determine the type of remedial activities
that are being conducted throughout the state and the short-term results of the 
activities.  Following these interviews, a survey will be developed and administered 
to all divisions in Virginia.  This survey will provide the data needed to meet the 
requirements of the Appropriation Act and give the Department of Education the 
information requested by the General Assembly.

The 16 divisions that are being asked to participate in this phase of the study have
been contacted by letter.  These divisions will be visited by mid-February and 
interviews will be conducted with staff members who work with remedial programs.  
The purpose of these visits is to collect information about remediation, including 
identifying those practices that are yielding good results.  The visits are not 
intended to audit the use of remediation funds.

Remediation is an important component of our efforts to help all students prepare 
for and pass the Standards of Learning assessments.  We seek your cooperation with 
this study.  We believe the results of the study will assist the General Assembly 
as it considers future funding for remediation, and we believe the results will 
provide valuable information to school divisions as they continue to design and 
implement remedial services.

If you have any questions about this study, please contact Dr. James Heywood in the 
Division of Instruction at (804) 225-2865.