P. O. BOX 2120

May 12, 2000


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: JoLynne DeMary
Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: School Performance Report Card Data Collection

 The purpose of the enclosed School Performance Report Card (SPRC) Data Collection 
forms is to collect information included in the SPRC that is not collected through 
any other Department of Education data collection process. 

There are TWO data collection forms in this package.  One is for the school year 
1998-1999, and the second is for the current school year, 1999-2000.  The form for 
last year (1998-1999) is due back to the Division of Assessment and Reporting by 
June 30, 2000.  The data collection form for the current school year (1999-2000) is 
due on August 31, 2000.  The August date for the current year data is to allow 
schools time to process AP test score information. Detailed instructions are also 
included for the completion of the forms. 

A key factor during the data collection process is the SPRC contact person.  This 
person will be responsible for distributing and collecting the forms from your 
schools, forwarding them to the department, and serving as liaison between your 
schools and the department.  The contact person should keep a copy of the data 
collection forms submitted.  All inquiries by Department of Education staff 
regarding the data will be directed to the SPRC contact person.

The SPRC contact person should complete the SPRC Data Collection Transmittal Form.  
This form should accompany the school data collection forms when they are submitted 
to the department by the SPRC contact person.  All school data collection forms 
should be submitted in one mailing.  

The deadline for submission of the 1998-99 data collection form is June 30, 2000.
The deadline for submission of the 1999-2000 data collection form is August 31, 2000.

The data collection forms should be addressed as follows:

                      SPRC Data Collection Team
                  Virginia Department of Education
                      Assessment and Reporting
                           P. O. Box 2120
                    Richmond, Virginia 23218-2120
The SPRC Data Collection Transmittal Form contains the name, address, telephone and 
fax numbers for the SPRC contact person currently on file with the Department of 
Education.  Please make corrections to this information on the lines provided.  If 
there are no changes, the lines should remain blank.  A list of schools from which 
we anticipate data has been included on this form.

To allow divisions an opportunity to verify their data, the timely receipt of these 
data collection forms is necessary.  The Department of Education will compile and 
return the data to divisions so that the verification process can be completed. 

Your cooperation in completing these data collection forms and your commitment to 
accuracy is greatly appreciated.  Should you have any questions regarding this data 
collection process, please direct them to Cathy Learnard at (804) 786-5787 or 
Dan Keeling at (804) 371-2769.