P.O. BOX 2120
RICHMOND, VA 23218-2120

June 23, 2000

TO: Division Superintendents 
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Survey of Students Who Are Medically Fragile

The Department of Education, in cooperation with the Departments of Health and Medical Assistance Services, has identified certain medically fragile students. These students are those with one or more conditions requiring continuous, on-going specialized health care procedures and who live in a licensed nursing home or long-stay acute care hospital.

The Department of Education has surveyed school divisions in the past and is updating the information. We are particularly interested in fiscal data. Therefore, those school divisions that report having students served in identified facilities will be contacted to collect data on the educational services provided and the cost of such services.

We are requesting your assistance in replying to the attached survey form. The target population is defined as children who meet the following criteria:

The survey applies to students in the target population July 1, 1999, through June 30, 2000. Please complete the survey for all students known to the school division, whether the student lives in a facility that is located within the division or whether the parent or guardian lives in the division. Include students who are in out-of-state placements.

Please note that we need to receive information on the attached form from your school division even if you have no knowledge of students who meet these criteria.

Return this survey to Gwen Smith, R.N., school health services specialist, by July 15, 2000, (fax 804-371-8796). If you have any questions, please call Ms. Smith at (804) 786-8671. Thank you for your assistance.


Cc: Gwen Smith