P. O. BOX 2120
July 14, 2000  
TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: 1999-2000 Annual School Report

Enclosed are the instructions and forms for submitting information for the 1999-2000 Annual School Report (ASR)(Attachment C). Similar to last yearís ASR, the Department is requesting that school divisions submit the financial section using an Excel template. The Excel template for the 1999-2000 ASR is located on the Departmentís website. Download the template from the following address:

If you do not have access to the Internet, the Department provides free access through VA.PEN (Virginiaís Public Education Network). To obtain a VA.PEN account, please contact Jean Gray at (804) 371-7524. If you do not have access to the Departmentís website or have not had your Internet account activated in time to complete the ASR, please contact budget staff at (804) 225-2025 and a diskette with the Excel template will be sent to you.

Instructions for completing the ASR using the Excel template are included in this package. Please read these instructions carefully as several changes have been made for fiscal year 1999-2000. The following information highlights some of these changes.

New For 1999-2000 ASR: See page 9 of the ASR instructions for complete details on how to download the ASR template. Ten error checks have been incorporated into the certification form to provide assistance in correcting common errors prior to submitting the file to the Department. These error checks are located in rows 8 through 17 of the certification form. Once you have entered all the appropriate data into the ASR template, please review the error checks in the "Supt. Certification" sheet to make sure that all checks read "Complete." If any do not read "Complete," other than Schedule F or G reading "N/A," please check the section that triggered the error and make all necessary corrections.

After you have completed the ASR and all error checks read "Complete," click on the gray bar titled "Click Here to Produce Final ASCII File." This process produces the final ASCII file which must be e-mailed, along with a copy of the Excel file, to the Department at the e-mail address shown on page nine of this memo. Complete instructions on how to run the error check process and produce the final ASCII file are located in the "Supt. Certification" sheet of the ASR template.

After you have produced the ASCII file without error, return to the "Supt. Certification" sheet and print off a copy of the certification for the division superintendent to sign. Return the signed certification along with a hardcopy of the completed template via U.S. mail to the Department using the address provided in the attached instructions.

Revenue: Code:

Prior Year Lottery 240235


Retiree Health Care Credit 2750

Prepaid Tuition to Joint Operations 7050

Deferred Tuition to Joint Operations 7060

Expenditure object codes 6020 (Textbooks) and 6030 (Instructional Materials) have been added to the following functions and cost centers: 61100 (cost center 9), 61210 (cost centers 2 and 3), 61230 (cost centers 2 and 3), and 61320 (cost centers 2 and 3).


As noted in Informational Superintendentís Memorandum Number 201 dated October 29, 1999, several FTE classification descriptions have been revised and/or added. Attachment A to this memo is a copy of the FTE revisions provided to you in Informational Superintendentís Memorandum Number 201.

Please note that a new FTE classification has been created for "Technical/Computer Specialists" (object code 1152). You should report those FTEs who maintain computer systems in a technical capacity under this category. If you have an FTE that spends part of his/her time instructing students in the use of technology in addition to maintaining computer systems, prorate this portion of time and report it as a partial FTE under a classroom instruction FTE category (1120). All full-time classroom technology instructors should be reported under object code 1120 as well.

In addition, pursuant to Chapter 635 (previously HB903) and Chapter 693 (previously SB244), 2000 Acts of Assembly, school divisions are allowed to carry unspent balances forward from the nonrecurring portion of Lottery revenues from fiscal year 2000 into fiscal year 2001; however, the legislation requires localities to deposit any lottery funds carried forward into an escrow account. Therefore, no lottery carryover funds should be reported in the "End-Of-Year Carryover" section of the "Recapitulation" sheet. Instead, include lottery escrow funds in the "Escrow Funds" section of the "Recapitulation" sheet. Any amounts from Lottery proceeds that were deposited into an escrow fund must also be reported as a miscellaneous fund transfer (function 67200, object code 5800) on the "District 67000" sheet. In order for your ASR to balance, the amount reported under "Lottery Escrow Fund" in Section 1 of the "Recapitulation" sheet and the amount reported under miscellaneous fund transfers on the "District 67000" sheet must balance. Please note, however, that the average salaries calculated in the Excel template may differ from those reported to you in the Superintendentís Verification Report after your ASR has been processed by the Department. This is in part because of the way that FTE codes are combined across similar reporting categories in the verification report. IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Superintendentís Certification, data should be typed into the gray-shaded cells only. Formatting in the Expenditure sections has not changed from the 1998-1999 ASR. In addition, there are two new object codes that affect tuition reporting beginning with fiscal year 2000. Any tuition that was paid in fiscal year 2000 for fiscal year 2001 (i.e., prepaid tuition) must be reported under object code 7050 and any tuition that was paid in fiscal year 2000 for fiscal year 1999 (i.e., deferred tuition) must be reported under object code 7060. All other payments (other than tuition payments) to these programs must be reported under object code 3810 on pages 8 through 19 of the ASR (where applicable).

For all localities participating in a Regional Vocational Education Technical Center, Regional Special Education program, Regional Alternative Education program, and/or Regional Academic Year Governorís School, the total on Schedule G must equal the sum of the expenditures reported under object codes 7000, 7050, and 7060. Please note the verification information at the bottom of Schedule G.

All tuition revenues received by Regional Vocational Education Technical Centers, Regional Special Education programs, Regional Alternative Education programs, and Regional Academic Year Governorís Schools must be reported under revenue code 1901010 in the Revenue section of the ASR template. All other revenues received by these programs must be reported under revenue code 1901020 on the "Other Payments Worksheet" of the ASR template. The total on Schedule F must equal the total revenues reported under revenue code 1901010 for these programs. Please note the verification information at the bottom of Schedule F.

Any Mental Health/Mental Retardation payments and/or tuition payments for the Schools for the Deaf and the Blind made by the Department on behalf of the locality

must be reported under Function 61100 (Classroom Instruction), object code 3000 (Purchased Services).

on the ASR. Only the debt service/capital funds appropriated to and paid directly by the school division should be reported. Locality Ledger, Sales Tax Cash and Modified Accrual Basis spreadsheets, Fringe Benefit Accruals, Retiree Health Care Credit allocations, and Basic Aid Distribution Sheet. This information represents payments made to or on behalf of localities from state and federal funds and should be reconciled to school division accounting records prior to preparing the 1999-2000 Annual School Report. Expenditures: Code:

Telecommunications 5001

Technology - Software/On-line Content 6040

Technology - Hardware 8300

Technology - Infrastructure 8400

Expenditures and FTEs:

Technology Ė Administrative 1110

    Technology Ė Instructional 1120

    Technology Ė Technical Development 1130

    Technology Ė Technical Support 1140

    Technology Ė Clerical 1150

Please note that, although expenditures and FTE related to technology are to be reported on both Schedule H and in the expenditure section of the 1999-2000 ASR, they must be accounted for only within the new 68000 function code beginning with the 2000-2001 ASR.

The following FTE Codes will be deleted for the 2000-2001 Annual School Report:

    Technical/Computer Specialist Ė (61100 Ė 1152) (CC 2,3) Admin. Tech./Computer Specialist Ė (62100 Ė 1140) (CC 9)

As noted in Informational Superintendentís Memorandum Number 131, dated June 30, 2000, revenue codes for state funds for fiscal year 2001 will be comprised of six digits instead of seven (the ending zero has been removed from all of the state revenue codes). The six-digit Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) code (including the period) will be used as the revenue code for federal funds. This memorandum also announced that the revenue code for sales tax will be changed to 240308 for fiscal year 2001.

In addition, several revenue codes will be added to the 2000-2001 ASR to accommodate programs that will be funded in fiscal year 2001. These include:

Administrative Software Support 240309

Composite Index Transition Payments 240213

Elementary Alternative Ed. Pilots 240272

Year-Round School Pilots 240276

The 1999-2000 ASR is due to the Department of Education by September 15, 2000, as required by Section 22.1-81, Code of Virginia. The report should be submitted using the Excel format provided unless prior approval is obtained from the Department. It is imperative that the report is submitted on time in order to assist the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) with their study of state education funding. Questions relating to the ASR Financial Section and supplemental schedules should be directed to the individuals listed in the attached instructions.

Following the instructions on page 14 of the attached instruction document, please email the Excel and ASCII files to ( Also, please mail a hardcopy of the final report and the signed Superintendentís Certification to:

Department of Education
Attn: Budget Office
P. O. Box 2120
Richmond, Virginia 23218-2120

Questions concerning the ASR Financial Section may be addressed to June Eanes, Kent Dickey, Kelly Richards, or Brian Logwood, budget office staff, at (804) 225-2025.