P.O. BOX 2120
October 6, 2000


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: High School Capacity Survey for the Web-based Standards of Learning Technology Initiative

The intent of the Web-based Standards of Learning Technology Initiative is to use Web-enabled systems to improve Standards of Learning instructional, remedial, and testing capabilities of high schools. We are pleased to announce that in August 2000, all school division superintendents signed a statement of their "Intent to Participate" in this important initiative.

Although full implementation of the Technology Initiative is not scheduled until 2003, it is important that school divisions begin to prepare for participation in this effort. The Department of Education has developed a High School Capacity Survey to establish baseline information on the current technological capacity of high schools. The information requested in this survey will be used to obtain a better understanding of the extent to which each high school is ready to participate in the SOL Technology Initiative. We also expect to be asked to provide this information to the Virginia General Assembly and other parties interested in improving the technology capacity in our schools.

As the survey questions are technical in nature, we ask that the survey be completed by the school division technology coordinator. The survey requests information on the school division's Internet connection, each high school’s Internet connection, each high school's Local Area Network, and the number and location of "Internet Connected and Capable" computers in each school. Also requested is information on telephones in classrooms and digital videoconferencing capability. A definition of each item requested is part of the survey form. Technology coordinators should pay careful attention to the definitions as they complete the survey.

The survey is automated using Microsoft Excel 97. The survey, instructions, and other background materials on the SOL Technology Initiative may be accessed on the Web at:

School divisions that submitted letters of interest in participating in the SOL Technology Initiative Demonstration Projects are requested to return the surveys by October 27, 2000. All other school divisions are requested to return the survey by November 15, 2000. An abbreviated version of the survey that requests information for elementary and middle schools will be distributed at a later date.

Questions regarding the survey may be directed to Lan Neugent, assistant superintendent for technology (, at 804-225-2757 or Bethann Canada, director of information technology (, at 804-225-2951.

Thank you for your assistance.