P. O. BOX 2120

January 14, 2000


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: JoLynne DeMary
Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Superintendent's Leadership Advisory Council

The Superintendent's Leadership Advisory Council meets regularly.  It is composed 
of the chairmen of the eight regional study groups, plus the VASS officers.  
We will distribute the minutes of each meeting by means of a Superintendent's 

The minutes of the meeting of January 7, 2000 are attached.  If you have questions
regarding this information, please contact Richard Layman at (804) 225-2024.

Thank you.



Meeting of the Superintendents' Leadership Advisory Council, Friday, January 7, 

Present -	Superintendents' Group:  Mark Edwards, Gwen Edwards (for Harry Ward), 
                Edgar Hatrick, John Kidd, David Martin, Philip Worrell, Stephen 
                Staples, Al Butler, and Andy Stamp, and Walter A. MacFarlane
	        Department of Education:  Dr. Jo Lynne DeMary, Kenneth Magill,
                Richard Layman, Patricia Wright, James Heywood, Jo Bunce, Anne
                Westcott, Charles Finley, Dan Timberlake, Thomas Elliott, Cameron 
                Harris, Cynthia Cave, and Harry Smith

Dr. DeMary, who was appointed acting state superintendent after Paul D. Stapleton 
resigned, welcomed the members of the superintendents' group and thanked several 
of them for appearing at the meeting of the Board of Education on Thursday, 
January 6, 2000.  She expressed her commitment to Virginia's educational Reform 
program and promised to continue to use resources of the Department of Education 
to help school divisions throughout the Commonwealth.

Dr. Butler said he was pleased with the discussion at the meeting of the Board of 
Education. He reported that several division superintendents have expressed concern 
about counting the scores of students who retake SOL tests a number of times towards
a school's accreditation.  Dr. Edwards stated that Henrico County has developed a 
position paper on the subject that he will share with superintendents and the 
Department of Education.

Dr. Edwards said he also was encouraged by the board meeting.  He mentioned two 
areas of special concern:  the need to give teachers more time for instruction and 
the use of multiple criteria for graduation.  He also noted that the SOL Test 
Advisory Committee has suggested the use of technology to administer the tests 
quickly and as late as possible in the school year.

Dan Timberlake reported on Governor Gilmore's 2000-2002 budget proposals to the 
Virginia General Assembly.

State Board Report

Anne Westcott reported on action taken at the January 6 meeting of the Board of 
Education and distributed a report on highlights of the board meeting.  Dr. DeMary 
said a similar report will be sent to superintendents after each meeting of the 

SOL Instructional Resources Materials Update

Pat Wright reviewed SOL instructional and training materials that are available 
and are being developed for secondary schools in history and social science, math, 
science, and English as a second language.  Dr. Heywood reported on SOL 
instructional and training materials for teachers of elementary and middle school 

Dr. Hatrick asked if the materials could be sent electronically to key instructional
 personnel in school divisions if superintendents requested it and if they identify 
people to receive the material.

Dr. Heywood called attention to a superintendent's memo stating that the department 
has a contract with James Madison University to develop strategies to help teachers 
with problems in math and to help students pass the eighth grade SOL math test.  
He also called attention to efforts to eliminate reading problems related to the 
Standards of Learning and to the Governor's initiative to expand the early reading 
program.  He said the Department of Education will develop guidelines for components
of an effective early reading program this spring.

Guidelines for Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria for Teachers, 
Administrators, and Superintendents

Dr. Elliott distributed copies of the guidelines that were approved by the Board 
of Education on January 6.

Dr. Butler reported that several superintendents' want VASS to develop a prototype 
for implementing the guidelines and he would like to work with the Department of 
Education on this, if funding is available.

Standards of Accreditation Update

Charles Finley reported that the period during which the Board of Education will
receive comments regarding the proposed SOA revisions will end January 22, unless
the date is changed by the board.  He said not much written comment has been 
received.  Mr. Finley distributed a summary of public comments on the SOA revisions.
He said there is no indication at this time what action the board might take on the 
SOA proposals.  He noted that the president of the Board of Education will meet 
with representatives of educational organizations to discuss their suggestions on 
the proposed revisions.  Board action, he said, is anticipated in March.  
Superintendents will receive a statement showing the administrative impact and 
cost data of the revisions.

Assessment Update

Cam Harris reported on SOL pre-test administration workshops scheduled on February 
11, 14, 15, 16, and 17.  She said the workshops are limited to three people from 
each school division because of funds available.  She also reported that the 
Department of Education is collecting enrollment data for school divisions and 
spring testing calendars are being prepared for distribution.  She said the state 
report on the Stanford 9 test is anticipated to be available by the end of January.