P. O. BOX 2120

March 24, 2000


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: JoLynne DeMary
Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Seminars and Workshops Focusing on "Health, Learning, and Academic Achievement: Synergy for Success in Virginia"

 This memo announces two complimentary events geared toward key education policymakers
and local health advisory groups.  One event, a seminar addressing student health 
and academic achievement, is targeted for school board members, superintendents, 
school health advisory board (SHAB) members, and other community leaders.  The 
second event, a workshop on practical applications of health and education programs 
and services, targets SHAB members and community leaders.  The events will be held 
as back-to-back sessions at five sites from May through September 2000.  There are 
six confirmed co-sponsoring organizations for this series of seminars and workshops:
American Cancer Society, National School Boards Association, Virginia Area Health 
Education Centers Program, Virginia Association of School Boards, Virginia Department
of Education, and Virginia Department of Health.  

Strand A--School Board Members/Administrators' Seminar

The one-day seminar for key education decision makers is entitled "Strand A--Health,
Learning, and Academic Achievement: Synergy for Success in Virginia."  The seminar 
focuses on educational achievement coupled with headlines about risky youth behavior
that encourages decision makers and educators to look at contributing factors to 
optimal learning.  This is a follow-up to seminars offered in the spring of 1999.  
Persons do not need to have participated in the 1999 seminars to attend this year's 
seminar.  SHAB members and community leaders are welcome to join school board 
members and administrators at this event.  

Strand B--SHAB/Community Leaders' Workshop

The one-day workshop for SHAB members and community leaders entitled "Strand B--Health, 
Learning, and Academic Achievement: Synergy for Success in Virginia" will address 
effective education and health programs and will provide opportunities to brainstorm 
and plan regional strategies to address issues common to adjacent communities. This 
workshop was developed in response to evaluations at 1999 state and regional workshops.
Each event will address the direct links between a child's health and academic 
achievement, social responsibility, and personal success.  The sessions are designed 
to provide a shared experience that can facilitate collaborative work among school 
board members, superintendents, school health advisory board members, and community 
leaders. Although individual participation is welcomed, team participation is 
encouraged both days.  A draft overview, agendas, and the registration form are 
attached.  Please duplicate the memo and attachments as needed and share them with 
others who might be interested.   

The five events are scheduled for Prince William (May 30-31), Farmville (June 5-6), 
Williamsburg (June 7-8), Abingdon (September 25-26), and Roanoke (September 27-28). 
On the attached registration form, please check the preferred date and location.  
Fees for the events are minimal to encourage and assist decision makers in convening a
team of participants from the local schools and communities.  Please send 
registrations to the American Cancer Society at the designated mailing address or 
fax number indicated on the attached sheet.  

Virginia School Boards Association Academy Credit is available for school board 
members who participate in this event.  Similarly, nationally certified 
comprehensive school health specialists (CHES) may obtain recertification units at 
these sessions.  For additional seminar/workshop information, contact Dr. Fran 
Anthony Meyer, specialist for comprehensive school health at (804) 225-4543.  For 
questions about registration, please call Robin Conaway, American Cancer Society at 
(800) 966-3586 or (804) 572-3718.