P. O. BOX 2120

April 7, 2000


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: JoLynne DeMary
Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Superintendent's Leadership Advisory Council

 The Superintendent's Leadership Advisory Council meets regularly.  It is composed of
the chairmen of the eight regional study groups, plus the VASS officers.  We will 
distribute the minutes of each meeting by means of a Superintendent's Memorandum.

The minutes of the meeting of March 24, 2000, are attached.  If you have questions 
regarding this information, please contact Richard Layman at (804) 225-2024.

Thank you.



              Meeting of the Superintendent's Leadership Advisory Council
                               Friday, March 24, 2000

Present -    Leadership Council:  Mark A. Edwards, Harry Ward, Edgar B. Hatrick, 
             John H. Kidd, David Martin, Woodrow W. Mullins, Philip L. Worrell, 
             Steven R. Staples, Walter A. McFarlane, superintendent of schools, 
             Department of Correctional Education, Alfred R. Butler, executive 
             director, and Andy Stamp, assistant executive director, VASS.

	     Department of Education:  Jo Lynne DeMary, Kenneth Magill, 
             Cameron Harris, Douglas Cox, James Heywood, Anne Wescott, George Irby, 
             Patricia Wright, Charles Finley, Cynthia Cave, Dan Timberlake, 
             Kent Dickey, Harry L. Smith and Ben Smith, Department of Mental Health,
             Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services, and Linda Pemberton, 
             CSR, Inc., Washington, D.C.

Need for Teachers

The meeting opened with a discussion of the need for public school teachers in 
Virginia. Dr. Edwards referred to the need for teachers in Henrico County, 
especially in the fields of mathematics, science, and special education.  He 
expressed support for the teacher scholarship loan program and urged aggressive 
action to help prepare and recruit public school teachers.

Dr. DeMary reported that this problem will be discussed at length by the state Board
of Education at a retreat scheduled in April.  She said educators from outside of 
Virginia will be invited to meet with the board and report on teacher recruitment 
programs in their states.  She noted that Connecticut does not have a teacher 
shortage, and educators from that state will meet with the board and report on 
action that state has taken to provide teachers needed in public schools.  
Dr. DeMary emphasized the importance of planning now to prepare legislation for 
the next session of the Virginia General Assembly.

Dr. Hatrick said salaries are only part of the teacher shortage problem.  He said 
the state needs a strategy to entice the brightest and best individuals to enter 
the teaching profession.  He stated that he would like to see the superintendents 
group develop a strategy to "capture young teachers" for public schools.  Reference 
was made to a resolution agreed to by the recent session of the General Assembly 
calling for a study of the demand for and preparation of classroom teachers in 
Virginia.  Dr. Butler noted that VASS is sponsoring a conference on the need for 
teachers on July 6.  He asked that the Department of Education look at what other 
states are doing to deal with the need for teachers and share that information with 
the superintendents.

Special Education Recommendation

Dr. DeMary recalled that at the previous meeting of the superintendent's council 
the members agreed to consider a statement dealing with state regulations for 
special education programs.  The following recommendation was submitted and agreed 
to by the superintendents:

"The members of the Superintendent's Leadership Advisory Council recommend that the 
Virginia Regulations Governing Special Education Programs for Children with 
Disabilities not exceed the Federal regulations for the Individuals with Disabilities
Education Act Amendments of 1997."

SOL Resource Material

Patricia Wright and Dr. Heywood distributed copies of teacher resource guides that 
are being developed for teachers of science, mathematics, and English.  Resource 
material has already been distributed to social studies teachers.  The final draft 
of the resource material for high school and elementary school grades should be 
ready to be distributed to school divisions by early June.  Briefings organized by 
the Best Practice Centers will be provided in Newport News and Roanoke City to 
acquaint school personnel with the resource material.

Dr. DeMary said production of a videotape might be helpful to acquaint teachers with 
the material, which is not intended to add content to the SOL.  Dr. Staples 
suggested that consideration be given to scheduling regional training meetings to 
acquaint school officials and teachers with the resource material.

Special Education Hearings

Mr. Cox reported on a summary of comments received at public hearings held on 
revised special education regulations prior to the end of the comment period on 
March 17.  He said more than 1,600 letters had been received.  He stated that the 
department hopes to present the proposed revisions to the Board of Education in May 
to become effective July 1.  He also stated that the president of the board wants to 
get advocates for changes and school administrators together to discuss revisions 
that are considered to be reasonable and those that may be adopted.

Community Youth Survey

Mr. Smith and Ms. Pemberton reported on the Community Youth Survey to be conducted 
by the state Department of Mental Health Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse 
Services and its impact on school divisions.  They said they would like to meet with
the superintendents regional study groups to explain the purpose and the components 
of the survey.  Dr. Hatrick suggested that the information about the survey be sent 
to the superintendents for their review prior to the regional meetings.  
Superintendents were asked to get in touch with Ms. Pemberton if they have comments 
or suggestions regarding the survey.

Other Reports

Mr. Finley reported that the Board of Education will discuss the proposed 
revisions in public school accreditation standards at its retreat in April.

Mrs. Wescott gave a brief review of the public education bills and resolutions 
approved by the 2000 session of the General Assembly.  She distributed a summary of 
public education legislation acted on by the legislature and an index of public 
education bills considered during the 2000-2002 session.  Mr. Timberlake reviewed 
the budget adopted and sent to Governor Gilmore for the 2000-2002 biennium.  A 
summary of the budget was distributed to superintendents on March 17.