P. O. BOX 2120
June 30, 2000
TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Standards of Learning Technology Initiative "Plan for the Use of the Funds"

On June 2, 2000, Virginia school divisions received information concerning the intent, goals, objectives, and preliminary requirements of the Web-enabled Standards of Learning (SOL) Technology Initiative. Included was an "Intent to Participate" form that is due at the Department of Education (DOE) by August 1, 2000. The intent of this initiative is to use Web-enabled systems to improve Standards of Learning instructional, remedial, and testing capabilities of high schools. This memo provides additional information about the initiative, including the required components and format for school divisions to use in submitting a "Plan for the Use of the Funds". Initial plans are due to the Department of Education on November 1, 2000. The due dates are mandated by Item 143 C. 11. e. 9) of the 2000 Appropriation Act.

The following information is provided in the attachments to this memo:

        The Preliminary Timeline Attachment A

Planning Process Guidelines Attachment B The Plan Format Attachment C Funding for VPSA School Equipment Financing Notes Attachment D

Sample Reimbursement Resolution Attachment E

Estimated Allocation for 2001 Virginia Public School Authority Technology Notes Attachment F

A suggested framework for planning as well as information on participating in the demonstration projects mentioned in the attachments will be provided in future correspondence. Although expenditures under this initiative may be incurred beginning July 1,2000, divisions are encouraged to postpone purchasing decisions until more technical information is provided by DOE in the spring of 2001.

Questions about funding for this initiative should be directed to Brian Logwood in the DOE Budget Office at (804) 225-2025. Questions concerning the technological and software portions of this initiative should be directed to Lan Neugent, assistant superintendent for technology at e-mail or (804) 225-2757. Cam Harris, assistant superintendent for assessment and reporting, will provide assessment assistance at e-mail or (804) 225-2102.