P.O. BOX 2120

August 4, 2000


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Electronic Transmission of Supts. Memos

Beginning October 1, the Department of Education will no longer distribute paper copies of superintendentís memos; instead the memos will be made available electronically. The new system complies with an executive order issued by Governor Gilmore and also with the trend toward increased use of electronic communications.

The transition period from the date of this memo to October 1 will give school divisions the opportunity to make necessary arrangements to accommodate the new procedure.

As you know, superintendentís memos are already on the departmentís website in electronic format. During September, superintendents will continue to receive memos in the same way that they have been distributed by the agency in the past. In September, the department will send superintendents via e-mail a cumulative index of memos issued each week. The cumulative index will include a list of superintendentís memos by title and will be linked to their location on the DOE website. An example of this procedure follows:

Cumulative Index of Superintendentís Memos for the Week of June 12-16

INF #121 - House Joint Resolution 270


INF #119 - Application for 2000-2001 Title II Eisenhower Funds


INF #118 - The Role of the Library Media Specialist in SOL


INF #117 - Regional Schools Contracting and Planning Committee


INF #116 - 2000 Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Subgrant Application


The use of electronic publication of superintendentís memos offers several important advantages, including easier internal distribution in school divisions, greater flexibility in distributing information to school personnel, and a reduction in the need for storage space.

If you have questions or need additional information about the new method for accessing superintendentís memos, please contact Lan Neugent, assistant superintendent for technology in the Department of Education at or (804) 225-2757.