P. O. BOX 2120

September 8, 2000

TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Appointment of Registrars and Registration of 18-Year-Old Males with Selective Service

As you know, federal law requires all 18-year-old males to register with Selective Service. Failure to do so can deprive individuals of their rights to state and federal student assistance, government employment, and other benefits.

This year, Governor Gilmore and the Selective Service System are joining forces to make all young men in the commonwealth aware of the Selective Service registration requirement. To emphasize the importance of this effort, the Governor has proclaimed September as Selective Service Registration Awareness Month in conjunction with an intensive national awareness drive on September 11 through 22. A copy of the Governorís certificate calling attention to September as Selective Service Awareness Month is available at

All young men in public schools should be aware of the requirement that they must register with Selective Service when they become 18 years of age. Registration can now be submitted by 17-year-old males, and it will be held by Selective Service until their eighteenth birthday. Although Selective Service registration has increased substantially during the past few years, Virginiaís registration compliance rate is 84 percent.

In cooperation with the Selective Service System in its national awareness drive, I strongly encourage each high school principal to assign a person to serve as a registrar to help students with the registration process and provide information they may need. Only 80 percent of Virginia public high schools have assigned registrars to provide this assistance. According to Virginia State Director of Selective Service Brigadier General (Retired) Manuel R. Flores, the most popular registration method is on the Internet at

Additional information about registration and appointment of registrars may be obtained from the Selective Service regional office at (770) 590-6664; fax (770) 590-6774 or by contacting General Flores at (804) 748-6912.