P.O. BOX 2120

May 18, 2001

TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Reimbursement Form for Virginia Public School Authority School Educational Technology Notes Series I (Spring 2001)(For the SOL Web-based Technology Initiative)

Informational Supts. Memo. No. 133, dated June 30, 2000, provided school divisions with information regarding the upcoming spring 2001 Virginia Public School Authority (VPSA) School Educational Technology Notes Series I. Proceeds from the notes will provide funding to school divisions to develop and implement the Standards of Learning (SOL) Web-based Technology Initiative. Supts. Memo No. 133 set forth the purpose of the spring 2001 technology program and the permitted uses of the estimated $56.9 million in note proceeds. Please refer to that memo for more detailed information on permitted uses of the proceeds from the notes and requirements for reimbursement of previously incurred expenditures.

As described in Informational Supts. Memo. No. 133, the VPSA is authorized to conduct an education technology grant program in the spring of 2001. The VPSA sold the equipment notes on May 9, 2001, and has tentatively scheduled the closing for May 30, 2001. Proceeds of the notes will be available for reimbursement of qualifying expenditures to localities on and after the May 30, 2001, closing date.

Attachment A lists the local grant allocations for the spring 2001 VPSA note issue. Consistent with previous VPSA notes, payment will be on a reimbursement basis only. Localities must first make payments for the qualifying equipment purchased and then file a reimbursement requisition with the Department of Education. The department will review the requisition forms and, when approved, request reimbursement on your behalf with the Virginia State Non-Arbitrage Program (SNAP), which acts as investment and account manager for the note proceeds.

In response to requests to put the reimbursement form on the department's website, we have converted the reimbursement form applicable to the spring 2001 technology notes Series I to a downloadable Excel file that can be accessed from the department's website at the following address:

As with previous reimbursement request forms, the spring 2001 requisition form includes certification that incorporates federal and state requirements regarding capital expenditures that qualify for reimbursement. School divisions are primarily responsible for determining whether requests for reimbursement are permissible under federal and state requirements. Public school officials should carefully read the certification to ensure that none of their reimbursement requests violate any of the stated provisions.

Because the request for reimbursement has been revised to incorporate the certification provisions, localities are no longer required to submit copies of supporting documentation to the department. However, copies of all supporting documents (invoices, work orders, statements, etc.) for which reimbursement is to be made must be retained by the school division for at least five years in the event an audit is required. As of the date of this memo, all reimbursement requests for the VPSA School Educational Technology Notes Series I (spring 2001) must be made using the above-referenced form.

As noted in previous Supts. Memos, approximately $4.8 million in state funds will be available in fiscal year 2002 to provide local school divisions with on-site support for the Standards of Learning Technology Initiative. These payments are part of a separate incentive-based program and cannot be requested through this process. These incentive payments will be based on the state share of $26,000 for every high school. More specific information regarding this incentive program, along with the required certification form, will be sent to school divisions in early fiscal year 2002. For more information on the purpose of this program and the qualifying uses of the funds, please go to the following Website:

As noted earlier, the proceeds of the VPSA notes will be available for reimbursement on or after May 30, 2001. Please remember that these funds may not be used for middle schools until after all high schools in your division have been certified as capable of supporting this initiative based on the Department of Educationís Guidelines. In addition, these funds may not be used for elementary schools until after all middle schools in your division have been certified as capable of supporting this initiative based on the Department of Educationís Guidelines. If expenditures for middle or elementary schools are submitted prior to this certification, they cannot be reimbursed until after this certification has taken place.

Please complete the request for reimbursement using the Excel template provided and e-mail your completed reimbursement request to Richard Schley at In addition, please mail a signed copy of the reimbursement form to the following address:

Richard Schley
Instructional Media and Training
James Monroe Building 18th Floor
101 North 14th Street
Richmond, VA 23219

No requests for reimbursement will be processed until the Department of Education has received both your signed hardcopy and the electronic Excel template versions of the form.

If you have questions relating to the financing, revised requisition form, reimbursement resolution, or determination of qualifying reimbursements, please call the budget staff at (804) 225-2025. If you have questions relating to qualifying equipment that may be purchased from the note proceeds (i.e., hardware, software) please call Richard Schley in Instructional Media and Training at (804) 371-6882.