P.O. BOX 2120
May 25, 2001
TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Final Entitlements based on March 31, 2001, Average Daily Membership (ADM)

Administrative Superintendentís Memorandum number 11, dated March 16, 2001, required school divisions to report average daily membership (ADM) as of March 31, 2001. The data reported by divisions was used to recalculate all ADM-dependent accounts as of May 21, 2001. An Excel file was created to calculate state entitlements, required local effort for the Standards of Quality (SOQ) accounts, and required local matches for incentive-based accounts based on final March 31, 2001, ADM. The accounts affected by final March 31, 2001, ADM appear on the attached documents in bold italics and are shown as the full entitlement without proration. This file also provides estimated entitlements and required local matches for fiscal year 2002, which are the same as the calculations that appeared in Regulatory Superintendentís Memorandum number 1, dated March 9, 2001. The file can be accessed from the departmentís website at:

Attachment A to this memorandum provides detailed instructions for accessing the Excel file. Please note that, unlike previous Excel calculation tools provided by the department, this file does not offer an option to change ADM for either fiscal year. If you would like to test the effects of changing ADM for fiscal year 2002, please use the calculation tool provided as part of Regulatory Superintendentís Memorandum number 1, dated March 9, 2001. Please refer to Attachment A for additional instructions on changing fiscal year 2002 ADM projections.

Attachment B to this memorandum contains the final entitlements for all Direct Aid to Public Education accounts for fiscal year 2001. Attachment B is in .pdf format and cannot be altered. Please note the following when reviewing these attachments.

1. The fiscal year 2001 state payment for Basic Aid contained in Attachment B does not reflect any adjustments for payments made on behalf of school divisions to the schools for the deaf and the blind, mental health/mental retardation facilities, or summer Governorís School programs. For information on adjustments made to Basic Aid, please refer to Administrative Superintendentís Memorandum number 26, dated May 25, 2001.

2. The Sales Tax estimates contained in Attachment B represent the amounts used to compute Basic Aid for fiscal year 2001. As required by law, these estimates are based on those contained in the appropriation act (Chapter 1073, 2000 Acts of Assembly). Actual fiscal year 2001 Sales Tax revenues will likely be less. Information on actual receipts on cash and accrual bases will be sent to school divisions with Annual School Report information in early August.

3. The Fringe Benefit amounts contained in Attachment B are the actual amounts you will receive during fiscal year 2001 year on a cash basis. Amounts on an accrual basis will be sent to school divisions with the Annual School Report information in early August.

If you have any questions concerning this information, please call the budget office staff at (804) 225-2025.