P.O. BOX 2120
September 7, 2001
TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Certifications for Certain State Funds in Fiscal Year 2002 Due: October 5, 2001

Chapter 1073 (2000-2002 appropriation act) requires school divisions to submit certifications for certain incentive-based accounts before the Department of Education can release funding. The purpose of this memorandum is to provide you with the certification forms for several of these accounts. For fiscal year 2002, an Excel template has been created to facilitate the collection of the required certifications. The Excel template can be downloaded from the department’s website at the following address:

Attachment A to this memorandum provides instructions for accessing the Excel file from the department’s website.

This memorandum addresses the certification requirements for the following accounts:

  1. School Construction Grants Program Funds – Fiscal year 2001 carryover funds and fiscal year 2002 funds may be used for school construction, additions, renovations, infrastructure, site acquisition, construction, technology, other expenditures related to modernizing classroom equipment, school safety equipment or school safety renovations, and payments to escrow accounts pursuant to Chapter 391, 1999 Acts of Assembly (§ 22.1-175.5 Code of Virginia). Use of school construction funds for debt service on projects completed within the previous 10 years, since fiscal year 1992 (inclusive), is also allowed. This 10-year limit, back to fiscal year 1992, applies to all sources of school construction funds expended in fiscal year 2002, including those funds spent from the School Construction Escrow Fund, regardless of the fiscal year the funds were originally provided by the state.



    The School Construction Grants Program certification sheet requests information on actual expenditures for fiscal year 2001 and estimated expenditures for fiscal year 2002. The certification sheet also requests information regarding the treatment of school construction funds by the local governing body.

  3. Lottery Funds - After this certification has been signed and returned to the Department of Education, payments will be transmitted on a semi-monthly basis.
  4. At-Risk – Signing this form certifies that the state and local shares of the at-risk payment for fiscal year 2002 will be used to support approved programs for students who are educationally at-risk.
  5. Additional Teachers – Funding is provided in fiscal year 2002 for the state’s share of approximately 1,400 elementary teachers, in addition to those funded through the Standards of Quality and K-3 Reduced Class Size payments. Signing the form certifies the intent of the school division to participate in the program in fiscal year 2002. (Note: A subsequent analysis will be conducted by the department based on data submitted on the 2001 Fall Membership Report to determine if the additional teachers provided under this program have been employed.)
  6. Standards of Learning Remediation – Signing this form certifies that a remediation program will be offered



    to students as a condition of receiving state incentive funds under the SOL Remediation program in fiscal year 2002.

  8. Standards of Learning Algebra Readiness – Signing this form certifies that a remediation program will be offered to students who are identified through the required math diagnostic test and that students who receive remediation will be assessed again at the end of the school year as a condition of receiving state incentive funds under this program in fiscal year 2002.
  1. Technology Support (Technology Resource Assistants) – Signing this form certifies that on-site support for the Standards of Learning Web-based Technology initiative will be available at each high school receiving initiative funds. This support may be provided by directly employing technology resource assistants or by contracting for on-site technology support services.
Please note that forms for all other accounts requiring certification will be communicated through separate superintendents memoranda. These include: The certifications must be signed and returned to the budget office by October 5, 2001, if you wish to participate in these optional programs. If you have any questions concerning these certifications, please contact budget staff at (804) 225-2025.