P.O. BOX 2120
April 20, 2001
TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Instructional Materials Selection, Correlation, and Purchase Process Workshop

The Department of Education is sponsoring a hands-on training workshop for school divisions. The intended audience will include members of divisionsí technology-based instructional and remedial materials selection committees. The workshop will address staff development needs related to the Web-based Standards of Learning Technology Initiative and the K-12 Instructional Software Contracts pricing list for schools. The purpose of the training is to review activities involved in the local software selection process and the criteria to be used in original software evaluations.

Members of the North Carolina Department of Public Instructionís (NCDPI) EvaluTech staff will conduct the workshop. EvaluTech is a nationally recognized evaluation service of the NCDPI. The training will be held in Richmond on May 10, and will be repeated on May 11, 2001, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. All travel and related expenses of participants will be the responsibility of the local school divisions.

School divisions participating in the Web-based technology initiative will be actively involved in local identification, evaluation, and correlation of technology-based materials. Divisions will share information on materials that are found to be of particular value in instruction and remediation. These evaluations will be placed on an online searchable database for use by all school divisions.

Each school division may send one member of its software selection committee to the training workshop. That person will be expected to train other members of the local committee in the software selection process and using evaluation criteria. Local selection committee members may include technology specialists, library media specialists, teachers, and principals. The
committee is responsible for identifying, evaluating,selecting, and correlating instructional technology-based materials. Teachers will use the materials to enhance instruction and remediation as they relate to the Standards of Learning.

Related Materials:

Supts. Memo No. 33, March 16, 2001, informational, states that school divisions may purchase K-12 educational software at reduced prices from a list of more than 500 titles. The educational software state-pricing list may be accessed online from the Department of Educationís Web page: "K-12 Educational/Instructional Software Contracts."

The Department of Education has developed an online handbook of procedures and resources to assist school divisions in the process of selecting software that is correlated with academic subjects. The handbook may be viewed at Web-based Standards of Learning Technology Initiative: Handbook for the Evaluation and Selection of Software for Instruction and Remediation.

Your attention also is called to SUPTS. MEMO. NO. 113, June 2, 2000, dealing with Web-based Standards of Learning Technology Initiative.


For additional information and registration form, go to Instructional Media and Training Staff Development Schedule.