P.O. BOX 2120
July 20, 2001
TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: 2001 Governorís Technology Awards: Call for Nominations

The Honorable Donald W. Upson, Secretary of Technology, will present the Third Annual Governor's Technology Awards at the Commonwealth of Virginia Information Technology Symposium (COVITS) 2001. The awards program honors outstanding achievements and recognizes successful technology programs and projects in the public and private sectors throughout Virginia.

As the demand for more streamlined, convenient, and up-to-the-minute electronic services and information increases, it is critically important to showcase best practices and effective technology solutions. The Third Annual COVITS is the leading state conference for showcasing simple, flexible, and adaptable technology solutions for improving services, streamlining operations, and combining policy and technology to provide rapid and convenient transactions for customers.

COVITS 2001 will provide valuable information to public and private sector leaders regarding technology decisions related to improved operations, seamless services, and acquisition and implementation strategies. COVITS 2001 will also highlight the accomplishments and progress the commonwealth has made in improving service to citizens, students, businesses, and employees, and will offer hands-on workshops and tools for applying best practices and lessons learned.

Topic: Who Can Apply

Awards will be presented in the following categories: State Agency, Higher Education, K-12 Education, Local Government, and Industry. Private education institutions may apply within Higher Education and K-12 Education categories as appropriate. Programs and projects that involve participants from more than one category are encouraged to apply.

The Industry category is broadly defined to include any private sector business (for-profit or not-for-profit) operating within Virginia that has used technology innovatively to benefit the public sector or promote economic development. Examples could include:

-A company that helps bridge the "Digital Divide" by providing schools and libraries free hardware, software, or Internet access to schools and libraries,

-Or a small business that has developed a worldwide presence on the Internet or created jobs for Virginians.

State and local agencies and institutions are encouraged to share the 2001 Governor's Technology Awards nominations information with their private sector partners.

Winners of the 2000 Governor's Technology Awards and agencies and divisions of the Technology Secretariat are not eligible to apply for the awards.

Topic: Awards Presentation

The winners of the 2001 Governor's Technology Awards will be announced during the 2001 Governor's Technology Awards Banquet, which will take place at COVITS 2001 on the evening of Tuesday, September 25, in Lexington, Virginia.

Topic: Adjudication Process and Criteria

Nominations will be reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of the 2000 Governor's Technology Awards winners, Council on Technology Services (COTS) members, and representatives from the Technology Secretariat.

Nominations will be judged on the following six criteria:

  • Enhances the manner in which the organization provides services to its customers.
  • Results in cost savings for the organization.
  • Improves the overall efficiency of the organizationís operations.
  • Advances the goals of electronic government or electronic commerce.
  • Involves innovative use of or approach to technology.
  • Can be replicated by other agencies, institutions, localities, or organizations.

  • Equal weight will be given to each criterion.

    Topic: Format

    Please include the following information in your transmittal letter or e-mail message:

    * Organization

    * Contact Person(s) and Title(s)

    * E-Mail Address

    * Mailing Address

    * Telephone and Fax Numbers

    * Awards Category (only one category per program/project)

    Please provide an executive summary of your program or project that is suitable for posting on the COVITS Web-site. Nominations must not exceed 10 pages or 400 words, including supplementary materials such as charts and graphs. The suggested length is five pages not including the executive summary.

    Please address the following five questions in your nomination.

    1. Describe your program or project. Include information on duration of the program or project, why it is innovative, and the need or problem it was designed to address.

    2. How do your customers (citizens, students, employees, government, business, or visitors) benefit from the program or project? Be sure to include quantifiable benefits and intangible benefits.

    3. How has your program or project improved services and your organization's operations? What cost-savings or efficiencies have been realized? Where possible, please provide data to support your statements.

    4. How does your program or project advance electronic government or electronic commerce in the commonwealth?

    5. Can your program or project (or aspects thereof) be replicated by others?

    Topic: Deadline

    All nominations must be received by August 15, 2001. Submissions can be sent electronically to send hard copy to:

    Council on Technology Services
    C/O Electronic Government Implementation Division
    Washington Building, Suite 901
    1100 Bank St.
    Richmond, VA 23219

    When sending hard copy, please supply eight copies of all materials, including CD-ROMs. Materials will not be returned unless requested by the nominee.

    Topic: 2000 Governor's Technology Awards

    For more information on last year's winners, visit

    For more information on COVITS 2001, including the conference program, registration information, and accommodations, visit