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November 30, 2001

Division Superintendents

Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Modeling Algebra for Student Success: Virginia Algebra Initiative for Secondary Teachers (Year 2)


In an effort to assist with implementing the Standards of Learning for Algebra I, the Virginia Department of Education has instituted an algebra initiative.The goal of the initiative over two years is to effect a shift in algebra instruction by involving teachers in professional development activities over an extended period of time.Modeling Algebra for Student Success, which began in 2000 for high school Algebra I teachers, will be expanded in 2001-2002 to include teachers of Algebra I at the middle school level.Each public high school in Virginia received sets of Algeblocksä last year.This year, each public middle school in Virginia will also receive a set of Algeblocksä.


Division superintendents may register one teacher from each high school and one from each middle school for the Algebra I initiative.High school teachers registered by February 1, 2002, are guaranteed a place in the summer residential academies. Middle school teachers will be registered for the summer residential academies on a space available basis.Any middle school or high school teacher may participate in the professional development activities that are delivered electronically. High school and middle school teachers who participate should be those who are providing instruction in Algebra I or Algebra I, Part 1 or Part 2, in middle and/or high schools.Schools that are accredited with warning in mathematics are encouraged to send teachers to participate.Attachment A contains a registration form that must be returned by February 1, 2002.The return address is listed on the form.


Participants will receive 14 hours of professional development delivered electronically beginning in February 2002.Topics to be addressed include using Algeblocksä, using graphing calculators effectively, and developing algebraic thinking in students.Participants also will attend one of three residential academies during the summer of 2002. One academy will run concurrently with the James Madison University Standards of Learning Content Academy during the week of June 24, 2002.The other academies will be held during the weeks of July 8, 2002, and July 15, 2002, at Longwood College.The Department of Education will underwrite the cost of lodging and board for participants.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Deborah Kiger Lyman (, mathematics specialist, at (804) 786-6418.