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February 15, 2002




Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

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2002 Follow-Up of the 2001 Career and Technical Education Completers


The Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998 requires each state receiving a federal grant to establish a performance accountability system to assess the effectiveness of career and technical education. This accountability system must include indicators of performance in the following: student attainment of challenging state-established academic standards and career and technical skill proficiencies; student attainment of a secondary school diploma or postsecondary degree or credential; placement in, retention in, and completion of postsecondary education or advanced training; placement in military service, or placement or retention in employment; and student participation in and completion of a career and technical education program that leads to nontraditional training and employment. In addition to these, Virginias approved performance standards for secondary education include access and success for special populations, employee (student) satisfaction, and employer satisfaction.


The annual Career and Technical Education (CTE) Student Follow-Up is scheduled to begin March 11, 2002, and will conclude May 31, 2002. The survey instrument has been revised and shortened for the 2002 Follow-Up to include only the questions required for the federal transition performance standard; the state satisfaction performance standards; the Department of Educations initiative of industry and professional certification; and local program improvement.


During the survey time period, school division staff personnel are to contact all completers from the 2000-2001 school year. For the 2002 Follow-Up, the minimum response rate set for Virginia by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education is 75 percent. The majority of the school divisions meeting the 75 percent minimum response rate this past year contacted their completers by telephone. If you choose to conduct the follow-up by mail, you are encouraged to follow-up any non-response by telephone or e-mail.


As in years passed, the survey includes questions related to the respondents educational and career status; the satisfaction of the preparation received in high school for post-secondary pursuits; certification or licenses; and the relatedness of post-secondary pursuits to high school career and technical education program(s). A sample survey and detailed instructions for completing the survey data entry process can be downloaded from the Department of Educations Web site. The complete address to access this information is:


To introduce the revised survey and the improved process for data entry, Susan Williams, specialist, data management, Office of Career and Technical Education Services, will make a presentation at each of the upcoming career and technical education administrators regional meetings. The presentation will include the website used for data entry, verification of employer information, and verification of response rate. All required materials will be distributed during the presentation. Materials will be mailed to school division CTE administrators who do not attend the regional meetings.


Career and technical education administrators are encouraged to contact the respective regions president for meeting time and location. Schedule of regional meetings:

February 15 Region 2 Karen Kolet, New Horizons Technical Center

February 19 Region 3 Geneva Johnson-Thompson,Caroline County

February 20 Region 4 Mat Pasquale, Alexandria City

February 21 Region 7 Gary Lowe, Carroll County

February 26 open session Susan Williams (limited to 25)CTE Resource Center, Richmond

February 27 Region 6 John Kovack, Patrick County

February 28 Region 5 Barry Arey, Shenandoah County

March 5 Regions 1 & 8 Reginald Branch, Hopewell City


For additional information or to reserve a seat in the February 26 open session at the CTE Resource Center, please contact Susan Williams, (, specialist, data management, Office of Career and Technical Education Services at 804/371-2924.