P.O. BOX 2120




September 27, 2002



TO: Division Superintendents


FROM: Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction

SUBJECT: Instructional Personnel Data Collection



The Virginia Department of Education has consolidated the collection of instructional personnel information for numerous federal requirements including the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (Public Law 107-110), Title II of the Higher Education Act (HEA), and the Individuals with Disabilities Act (Public Law 105-17). In addition, state law requires the department to collect instructional personnel data for the Standards of Quality (22.1-253.13:1) and the Virginia State Improvement Plan for Special Education. In order to efficiently collect the required data and avoid requesting duplicate information, the department has combined its collection methods into three survey components:





The Local Eligibility License Survey, due November 1, 2002, requests information on individuals who hold a three-year, nonrenewable local eligibility license. Information regarding the local eligibility license must be submitted to the Board of Education and the 2003 General Assembly.


The Supply and Demand Survey, due December 1, 2002, requests information that helps to identify critical shortages of teacher and administrative personnel. This information is needed to respond to requirements of federal and state regulations on teacher shortage areas.


The Instructional Personnel Survey, due December 1, 2002, requests individual assignment records for teachers and school administrators. The data collected by this survey are used for federal and state reporting requirements and include individual demographic elements. These data will be matched with licensure information on file at the DOE.


To ensure that all instructional personnel are properly licensed this school year, all licensure requests must be submitted to the Division of Teacher Education and Licensure by October 15, 2002. After all data are received, you will be asked to verify accuracy of information submitted.


Each data collection survey has been created as a downloadable Excel file. Instructions for entering data into each file will be available via the Web at: ASCII text file formats will be provided for the Local Eligibility License Survey and the Instructional Personnel Survey for those divisions that wish to create the files through their information systems. School divisions should submit the Local Eligibility License Survey and the Instructional Personnel Survey to the Department of Education via the Web-based data submission process. The completed Supply and Demand Survey should be e-mailed to


Questions regarding specific data requirements should be directed to the following contacts:


The Local Eligibility License Survey - Patty Pitts at

(804) 371-2471 (


The Supply and Demand Survey and the Instructional Personnel Survey Dr. JoAnne Y. Carver, at (804) 371-2475 (


Special education and related services personnel - Paul Raskopf at (804) 225-2080 (