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February 1, 2002






Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



2002 State Price List for Selected K-12 Educational Software Programs



The Virginia Department of Education, in an effort to assist school divisions in procuring K-12 educational software at competitive prices, is announcing a new 2002 state contract price list for educational software. School divisions (and state agency operated school programs, independent schools, and higher education institutions) may purchase software from this list at the prices stated for one year.


Educational software programs evaluated and included in the current edition of two nationally recognized educational evaluation sources formed the list of programs selected for pricing. The EvaluTech online evaluation database by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) and the Educational Software Preview Guide by International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) were the evaluation sources. Following state procedure, the Virginia Department of Information Technology (DIT) managed the competitive bidding process. The titles and prices are listed on the DIT website. A link to this site is available for your use on the Department of Education Web pages:

Vendors participating in the DIT competitive low bid process are under contract with DIT to offer the lower price to all Virginia schools. Should a vendor offer any product on this list to any Virginia school division at a lower price than stated on the list, we are requesting that this be reported immediately to the department. By the terms of the DIT contract with the vendor, the lower price will become the new lowest price for all Virginia school divisions to use when purchasing software.


This year, DIT will monitor purchases from this list by Virginia schools. The number of purchases will determine if this DIT service will be available to schools in the future. Therefore, we encourage schools to consult this online list of reviewed educational software and websites. When appropriate, schools are encouraged to use the DIT vendor contracts for making purchases.


School divisions also are encouraged to review this list as a step in their software selection process. The list is NOT a recommended purchase list. It is a list of programs that merit your review and consideration. Before any purchases are made, a team of teachers, library media specialists, and technology specialists should conduct hands-on activities and in-the-classroom review of each program being considered. Final selections for purchase should be based on the findings of these reviews, correlation with state and local curriculum goals and standards, and budget.


As a part of the Technology Initiative 2000, school divisions are encouraged to submit to the Department of Education reviews and Standards of Learning (SOL) correlations of any products purchased from this list or that may already be included in your local collection. An online guidebook for the software selection process and an online form for the submission of reviews and correlation are available for use on the departments website:


Web-based Standards of Learning Technology Initiative:Handbook for the Evaluation and Selection of Software for Instruction and Remediation


Web-based Standards of Learning Technology Initiative: Template for the Evaluation of Instructional and Remedial Software/websites


For additional information contact: Joyce Faye White, instructional technology specialist, at 804/225-2958.