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March 29, 2002



Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Acceptable Documents for Obtaining a Virginia Learners Permit, Drivers License, and Photo Identification Card


The Department of Education just received written notification from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that effective March 7, 2002, applicants younger than 19 who want to apply for a Virginia learners permit, drivers license, and photo identification card will need to provide only one proof of identity. Additionally, parents can now certify their childs Virginia residency provided the parent has proof of identity and residency. The parent or legal guardian must appear in person with the applicant.


The DMV has identified the following documents for applicants younger than 19 to prove identity:

                Birth certificate issued by a U.S. state, jurisdiction, or territory. FOREIGN BIRTH CERTIFICATES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

                Unexpired photo ID card, not less than 60 days old, issued by a U.S. state (other than Virginia), jurisdiction, or territory (school and employee ID cards are not included).

                Unexpired U.S. military ID card of an active-duty or retired member (ID cards of military dependents are not acceptable as primary identity documents).

                Unexpired U.S. passport.

                Unexpired foreign passport with an unexpired visa, I-94 or I-94W or I-551 stamp. An I-94W MUST be from a country participating in the Visa Waiver Pilot Program.

                U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (form N-550, N-570 or N-578).

                U.S. Certificate of Citizenship (form N-560 or N-561).

                U.S. Citizen Identification Card (form I-197).

                Unexpired Temporary Resident Card (form I-688).

                Unexpired Employment Authorization Card (form I-688A, I-688B or I-766).

                Unexpired Refugee Travel Document (form I-571).

                Unexpired Resident Alien Card, Permanent Resident Card, Northern Marianas Card, American Indian Card (form I-551).

                A copy of the first and last page of an application for asylum (Request for Asylum in the United States) provided the pages are accompanied by either a receipt from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) showing the application has been filed or documentation verifying the application is pending in immigration court; or documentation indicating a decision to grant asylum by the Asylum Office or the original of a document granting asylum issued by an immigration judge or the INS. Either or both of these documents will count as one primary document.

                Virginia DMV-issued driver's license that is unexpired or has not been expired for more than one year.

                Virginia DMV-issued learner's/instruction permit unexpired or expired for not more than one year. If presented by an individual 19 years old or over, the learner's/instruction permit must have been issued after September 21, 2001.

                Virginia DMV-issued photo identification card (excluding child ID cards) issued after September 21, 2001, unexpired or expired for not more than one year.

                Unexpired driver's license or learner's/instruction permit (with photo), not less than 60 days old, issued by a U.S. state (other than Virginia), jurisdiction or territory.


Since applicants younger than 19 can have their parents or legal guardian certify their Virginia residency, this should eliminate many of the requests for schools to provide current or former students younger than 19 with a certified copy of student record/transcript or a Virginia Department of Education Certificate of Enrollment form.


If you need more information please consult the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website,, or if you have questions, please contact Vanessa C. Wigand, health, physical education, and driver education specialist at (804) 225-3300,