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June 7, 2002



Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Final Legislative Reports for the 2002 General Assembly


This memorandum provides information regarding legislation passed by the 2002 session of the Virginia General Assembly that is of interest to school superintendents and division personnel.


The final legislative reports for the 2002 General Assembly are posted on the Department of Education website at: This site provides links to two reports:


        2002 Final Legislative Tracking Report


This report reflects final action on education-related legislation tracked by the Department of Education. The history of any bill, all amendments, and the text of the final version are available by clicking on the bill number shown in the Legislative Tracking Report.


        Final 2002 General Assembly Session Legislative Report (PDF)

This report is in two parts. The first part provides an index of all of the education-related legislation tracked by the Department of Education that passed in the General Assembly this year organized by category. The second part provides a summary of each bill, the section of the Code of Virginia that was affected, and the time lines for implementation. You may access information about each bill and its text in the summary by clicking on the bill number.


Required Actions


All legislation becomes effective on July 1, 2002, unless otherwise indicated. Any information about actions that may or must be taken by local school boards is included in the summary of each bill. These bills include:


Career and Technical Education


SB 334 Involvement of area business and industry representatives and local community colleges in development of career and technical education plans


Charter Schools


SB 625 Establishment of mandatory review, action, and reporting by school divisions on all applications for charter schools




SB 681 Authorization of public/private partnerships for qualifying public facilities and infrastructure projects, including school buildings


Health and School Safety


HB 46 Addition of incidents involving acts of terrorism to school crisis and emergency management plans and the model plan developed by the Board of Education


HB 498 Establishment of compulsory minimum standards for employment and job-entry and in-service training curricula and certification requirements for school security officers. Definition of school resource officer


HB 692 Reporting of theft or attempted theft of student prescription drugs


HB 886 Addition of communication procedures to the model school crisis and emergency management plan for parental location of children and contacting parents


HB 939 Prohibition against smoking in the interior of any public school


Local School Boards/Divisions


HB 294 Release of information to child protective services investigator


HB 357 Prohibition against the administration of certain surveys to public school students without parental consent


HB 434 Limitations on the renegotiation of a superintendents contract


SB 276 Creation of shared ownership of public school property in specific circumstances


SB 604 System of accounting in public schools; establishment of contingency reserves as major classification of school funds


SB 608 Posting of In God We Trust, the National Motto, enacted by Congress in 1956 in all public schools


Special Education


SB 465 Reimbursement of school divisions by the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) for transportation to receive health-related services


Standards of Quality/Standards of Accreditation


HB 1136 Establishment of requirement that school divisions hire elementary guidance counselors at specified staffing levels


Standards of Quality/Standards of Accreditation

Verified Units of Credit


HB 493 Creation of Board of Education guidelines for locally awarded verified units of credit for a standard diploma for transition students




SB 92 Requirement that teachers receive training in child abuse recognition and intervention


I hope this information will assist you in planning and implementing the state legislative changes with your school boards. Technical support to implement the new legislative responsibilities is available from the Department of Education.


Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Cynthia Cave, director of policy (mail to: at (804) 225-2092 if you need additional information.