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March 5, 2004




Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



March 31, 2004, Average Daily Membership (ADM) Due: April 21, 2004

Final entitlements for Standards of Quality accounts (Basic Aid, fringe benefits, etc.) and several other Direct Aid to Public Education accounts for fiscal year 2004 will be based on average daily membership (ADM) as of March 31, 2004. A downloadable Excel template is provided to facilitate the collection of data used to compute ADM. The Excel template is located on the Department of Educations website and can be downloaded from the following address:


Please note that March 31, 2004, ADM is being collected by the departments Division of Information Technology as well as by the budget office. For the purpose of determining final Direct Aid entitlements to school divisions for fiscal year 2004, the March 31, 2004, data collection initiated by the budget office and addressed in this memorandum will be the official data collection.


The Division of Information Technology will collect March 31, 2004, ADM as part of the Spring Student Record Data Collection (see Administrative Superintendents Memorandum No. 8, dated February 27, 2004, for further information). The Spring Student Record Data Collection will be used in future years to collect March 31 ADM for the purpose of determining final Direct Aid entitlements to school divisions; therefore, it is important that school divisions reconcile these two submissions with each other.


This reconciliation should be performed prior to submission of each report. If the process of reconciling ADM in the two data collections identifies discrepancies that cannot be identified and resolved, please contact the budget office at (804) 225-2025 for assistance.


Revisions to the official ADM count reported pursuant to this memorandum after the April 21, 2004, submission date must be resubmitted using the same procedures required for the original submission. Any additions to ADM identified after the submission deadline of April 21, 2004, will not be used to adjust final fiscal year 2004 Direct Aid entitlements unless the budget office receives them on or before May 14, 2004. Reductions to ADM may be submitted to the department at any time; however, school divisions are encouraged to submit these changes on or before May 14, 2004.


Attachment A to this memorandum provides information on the changes that have been made to the data collection process for March 31, 2004, ADM. Attachment B to this memorandum provides general instructions for accessing and using the Excel data collection template. Please note that in order to minimize duplicate or erroneous file submissions, the department has implemented an automatic file-naming process that includes date and time identifiers in the names of files that are to be returned to the department via e-mail. Please read the instructions provided in Attachment B carefully as the department will only accept Excel files that have the proper file name structure.


Attachment C to this memorandum provides detailed instructions for reporting the data used to calculate ADM and should be read thoroughly before preparing the report. Please be aware that appropriate supporting documentation must be maintained by the school division for each portion of the report in the event an ADM audit or review is required.


Attachment D to this memorandum provides the pertinent sections from the 2002-2004 appropriation act, Board of Education regulations, and the Code of Virginia that govern the calculation of ADM. Please read all sections carefully to ensure that the data for your division is reported accurately.


In order for the May and June electronic fund transfers (EFT) to reflect school division payments based on final March 31, 2004, ADM, it is important that all school divisions complete the Excel template and return it via e-mail to the department no later than April 21, 2004. As noted earlier, any additions to ADM that are identified after the submission deadline of April 21, 2004, must be reported to the budget office by May 14, 2004, in order to be credited toward final entitlement payments. After May 14, 2004, only deductions to ADM will be applied to your final entitlements for fiscal year 2004. In addition to the electronic submission, a hard copy of the final ADM report, signed by the division superintendent, must also be submitted by April 21, 2004. Questions concerning these submissions may be directed to budget office staff at (804) 225-2025.