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August 6, 2004



Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Student Data Collection for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness



The purpose of the memorandum is to request school division data related to children and youth experiencing homelessness during the 2003-04 school year that has been requested by the U. S. Department of Education. An initial December 11, 2003 memo and draft data collection form from H. Douglas Cox provided an alert that this information would be needed. At that time, final instructions had not been received from the federal government. We have now received them. The following information explains the changes from the December data collection instructions. Please note that there are different requirements for school divisions with and without direct McKinney-Vento subgrant funding. The report forms are attached to this memorandum.


School Divisions Without Subgrants


For school divisions that do not receive direct McKinney-Vento funding, the following changes have been made from the December 2003 draft. There are no questions related to:


o       Preschool students

o       Students in migrant education

o       Unaccompanied youth

o       Transportation or school of origin

o       Grade levels for primary nighttime residence









Please note that information already being reported to the Virginia Department of Education is reflected by shaded boxes. This information need not be duplicated and will be accessed from your student record collection.


School Divisions With Subgrants


For school divisions with McKinney-Vento subgrants, the following changes have been made:


o       All preschool programs have been collapsed into one category: public preschool

o       Preschool should include enrolled and served (the original DRAFT did not request served for this population)

o       Other has been added to the types of program (e.g., Adult Education)

o       Grade levels are not requested for primary nighttime residence

o       No information on transportation or school of origin is being requested

o       The question related to barriers is now a yes/no response rather than a ranking

o       Information that is being reported through the Student Record Collection to the Virginia Department of Education is noted with asterisks.



While this form replaces the annual report for your subgrant that has been completed in prior years, please note that a status update on proposed goals and activities for your program still is required.




Reporting Requirements

The revised report forms are attached. Please complete the appropriate form for your school division. I encourage you to work with your local homeless education liaison to collect these data. In order to adhere to the anticipated submission date for states, please submit your completed form no later than September 8, 2004, to Project HOPE-VA at the address below. If you have any questions, please contact:


Dr. Patricia A. Popp

State Coordinator

Project HOPE Virginia

The College of William and Mary School of Education

P. O. Box 8795

Williamsburg, Virginia 23187

phone: 757-221-4002 fax: 757-221-2988 email:


Thank you for your assistance and attention to this requirement.



cc: Local homeless education liaisons