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January 30, 2004



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State Contract for K-12 Educational Curriculum Software and Web Materials, and the ATAlliance Contracts for Technology Equipment


School divisions have the opportunity to use state and national contracts for purchasing computer-based instructional materials and equipment. These technology contracts are the result of national competitive bidding procedures. The pricing on these technology contracts can result in savings for Virginia school divisions. Interested persons should contact the appropriate agencies as indicated in the information below.


The Virginia Department of Educations new state-pricing contract for K-12 educational software, websites and related services is now available for use by school divisions. The Virginia Informational Technology Agency (VITA) conducted the competitive bidding process. In the bidding process, the selection criteria required evidence that the K-12 educational software offered included programs that received positive national evaluation ratings. To make technology-based materials readily available to schools, a new application service provider (ASP) was selected. The ASP model will facilitate the integration of technology into the curriculum and promote the academic achievement of students. This ASP model can assist schools as they implement the EdTech (Title II, Part D) programs goals of student technology literacy, technology and curriculum integration, and professional development. Professional development is one of the components of this contract. Sprint (LearningStation) has been awarded the contract as the new application service provider (ASP) for K-12 educational technology-based materials.

For more specific information regarding the state-pricing contract, refer to Attachment A State Contract for Computer-based Instructional Materials. For additional information regarding the contract-related professional development opportunities available, see Attachment B Schedule of Informational and Training Sessions for State K-12 Educational technology ASP Contract.


In addition to the state Sprint technology-based educational materials contract, schools may purchase from the ATAlliance technology equipment and related products contracts developed by the American TelEd Communications Alliance. The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) is a member of the alliance. The Virginia Department of Education is a member of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). Through the states membership in SREB, Virginia school divisions are eligible to purchase items on the ATAlliance (American TelEd Communications Alliance, The ATAlliance pursues its goals by leveraging the considerable collective purchasing power of its membership, which includes public and private nonprofit colleges, universities, schools, organizations, agencies, and other public entities. Members enjoy considerable savings - from 20 to as much as 50 percent ( Additionally, the ATAlliance has opportunities to validate bid processes and help members avoid their own costly RFP. (


For specific information regarding the ATAlliance contracts, refer to Attachment C ATAlliance Contracts for Technology Equipment and Related Products.


For more information, please contact Joyce White (, instructional materials integration specialist, Office of Educational Technology, at 804-225-2958.