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March 19, 2004




Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Testing Opportunities for Graduating Seniors



For the spring 2004 administration of the non-writing Standards of Learning tests, students who are scheduled to graduate by August 31, 2004, and who still need to accrue verified credits will be provided with previously equated tests so that the return of their scores may be expedited. Previously equated forms are available online for all end-of-course tests except geometry and the new history tests that measure the 2001 standards. Testing for graduating seniors who are taking the end-of-course tests online may begin as early as April 12,2004. Previously equated forms in all end-of-course subjects as well as the grade 8 reading and mathematics tests for students who are pursuing a modified standard diploma are available as paper-and-pencil tests. Divisions may begin administering paper-and-pencil tests to graduating seniors as early as April 21, 2004. School divisions may set their own testing windows for graduating seniors within these parameters.


Scores for students taking the previously equated end-of-course tests online will be available immediately except for earth science, which will be available within 24 hours. Scores for graduating seniors taking previously equated paper-and-pencil tests will be available within fourteen days of the receipt of the answer documents at the scoring company.


Previously equated forms will also be available for graduating seniors who do not pass the test in their initial attempt and who need to re-take the test under the expedited retest policy. Additionally, graduating seniors who do not pass the previously equated tests may also attempt the new tests developed for the spring 2004 administration depending on the availability of forms. However, school division staff should be aware that these tests have not yet been equated, and scores will not be available to students until equating occurs.


Division directors of testing will receive additional information for ordering test materials for graduating seniors and about the special packaging instructions that must be followed to ensure that the scores of these students are expedited. Information regarding online testing also will be made available to division directors of testing. Should you have questions please call the Division of Assessment and Reporting (804) 225-2102 or email