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September 3, 2004



Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Project Graduation website


As we begin the 2004-2005 school year, I want to remind you of the Project Graduation Web site. On this website are opportunities and resources that are available to assist you and the students of the graduating class of 2005 who have not met the requirements for one of the diplomas. The website address is:


The class of 2005 has the same requirements for the Standard Diploma as the class of 2004, i.e., 22 standard units of credit with six verified credits earned in English: Reading, English: Writing and four student selected assessments. Local school boards may continue to award local verified credits in science and history and social science based on their established policy. As a reminder of additional actions taken by the Board of Education regarding the options available for students who should graduate in 2005, I refer you to the following Superintendents Memoranda and Web postings:

         Options for Earning Verified Credit for Graduation posted at /administrators/superintendents_memos/2003/inf191.html

         Local School Board Policies for Awarding Verified Credit posted at /administrators/superintendents_memos/2004/inf052.html

         Request for a Waiver of the Verified Credit Requirements posted at

         Adjusted Cut Scores for the Modified Standard Diploma posted at /administrators/superintendents_memos/2004/inf075.html

         Substitute Numeracy and Literacy Tests for the Modified Standard Diploma posted at /administrators/superintendents_memos/2004/inf053.html

         WorkKeys: Writing Test Passing Scores Adopted by the Board of Education posted at /administrators/superintendents_memos/2003/inf206.html

         Board of Education Guidelines for Awarding Differentiated Numbers of Verified Credits for Career and Technical Education Certification and Licensure Examinations posted at /administrators/superintendents_memos/2002/adm045.html

         Complete list of board-approved substitute tests with required scores posted at /administrators/superintendents_memos/2003/inf206a.pdf


In addition, the General Assembly has approved funding for the Governors Project Graduation Regional Academies for the class of 2005. The application with full explanation about the academies and timelines for submission of proposals will be posted in mid-September. I encourage each school division to participate in the Governors Project Graduation Regional Academies. The regional academies held for the class of 2004 provided a significant number of students an opportunity to earn verified credits in English: Reading, English: Writing and Algebra I after small group/individual instruction.

For more information contact Maureen B. Hijar (, director of secondary instruction, at (804) 225-2894 or Dr. Sylinda Gilchrist (, school guidance specialist at (804) 786-9377.