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October 8, 2004



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2005 Governor's Summer Residential Program


The Virginia Department of Education is pleased to announce that the 2005 Governor's Summer Residential Program will include seven Summer Residential Governor's Schools and six Governor's Foreign Language Academies. These programs offer public, private, and home-schooled gifted students opportunities for intensive study in academics, foreign languages, mentorships, and visual and performing arts. The attachment to this memorandum provides a list of important dates associated with the application process for the programs. Selection of students to attend these programs is contingent upon the provision of funds by the 2005 General Assembly.


Summer Residential Governor's School Academic, Mentorship, and Visual and Performing Arts Programs

Applications and administrative guides for the 2005 Summer Residential Governor's Schools are available electronically, through the Virginia Department of Educations Web page at Applications, guides, nomination report information, and a document listing the important dates for the process are available for download from that address.


Governor's Foreign Language Academies

Applications for the 2005 Governor's Foreign Language Academies are also available electronically. Complete information about the academies, including applications, informational flyers, and nominee report forms, is available on the Department of Educations Web page at However, the sealed composition and tape topics for the French, German, and Spanish academies and the Latin test and essay must be ordered from the Department of Education. Order forms are available on the Internet at the address listed previously. are available from the Department of Education upon request in hard copy or on computer disk. Order forms will be sent directly to high school foreign language department chair- persons, foreign language contact persons, and gifted education coordinators in each school division and to private school headmasters. Applications will also be available on the Internet after November xx, 2001, at the address indicated on the order form. Requests for specific foreign language academy applications should be addressed to Ms. Priscilla Clayborne at (804) 786-5088.


Summer Residential Governor's School Application Process

The application process for the Summer Residential Governors Schools continues to allow students choices among the programs. Gifted education coordinators should review the administrators and counselors guides carefully for more detailed information.


Students may attend only one such program during their high school career. Every school division is guaranteed representation in the academic programs, which include agriculture; humanities; life sciences and medicine; mathematics, science, and technology; and mentorships. Admission to the visual and performing arts program is competitive; students are selected based on the strength of their applications, their ranking in the school division or private school region, and the needs of the programs.


Public high school students may apply through their high schools. Home-schooled students may apply by submitting a completed application to the principal of the public high school in the zone/division in which they reside. The student's application then becomes a part of that school's application process. Private school students may apply through heads of their schools; their applications are then referred to the appropriate private school regional committee for nomination. For a list of private schools by region, please refer to either the academic or the visual and performing arts administrative guide for private schools. Virginia residents who attend private schools outside the commonwealth should contact Dr. Barbara McGonagill (, for more information.


Governor's Foreign Language Academies Application Process Acceptance in the Governors Foreign Language Academies is competitive. A statewide selection committee reviews student submissions of unedited samples of oral and written work. Please read carefully the general information that accompanies the applications. The application packets describe the eligibility and nomination requirements specific to each program.


Tuition Costs

The cost of the Summer Residential Governor's Schools and the Governor's Foreign Language Academies is shared by the state and the school division or the private school in which the selected students are enrolled. A division's share is based on its ability-to-pay composite index, not to exceed 50 percent of the individual programs tuition. School divisions may not assess students tuition for participation in these programs if those students are enrolled in a public high school. Costs for private school students are the private school's responsibility and are set at 50 percent of the tuition cost. The tuitions listed below reflect the individual program costs:


2005 Tuition

Agriculture $2,000

Foreign Language Academies $1,600

Humanities $1,500

Mathematics, Science, and Technology $1,160

Medicine and Life Sciences $1,750

Mentorships in Engineering and Marine Science $2,888

Visual and Performing Arts $1,540


School divisions and private schools must guarantee funding for all nominees. The nomination report form, signed by school division superintendents and heads of each nominating private high school, indicates their assurance that funding will be provided for all students they nominate.


Nomination Reports

The 2005 Summer Residential Governors School nomination report and instructions for their submission will be posted to the Web page indicated previously by February 1, 2005.


Nomination report forms for Governor's Foreign Language Academies are posted on the Web page for Governors Foreign Language Academies listed previously. The completed forms may be mailed or faxed to the Department of Education. Divisions may refer to the attachment to this memo for deadlines and other important information.


Thank you for your continued interest in and support of the

Governor's Summer Residential Program. Please contact Mrs. Faye Rollings-Carter(, principal specialist, Foreign Languages at (804) 225-2593 for information about the Governors Foreign Language Academies. For information about the Summer Residential Governors Schools, please contact Dr. Barbara McGonagill (, principal specialist, Governors Schools and Gifted Education at(804)225-2884.