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October 29, 2004




Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Public Comment Period for 6-12 English and Literature, K-12 Mathematics, and Foreign Language Textbooks and Instructional Materials


On October 28, 2004, the Virginia Board of Education accepted for first review lists of recommended textbooks for 6-12 English and Literature, K-12 Mathematics, and Foreign Language. The Department of Education has provided these lists, accompanied by profile sheets that provide the information used to determine the recommendations, on its website at The lists are provided under the heading, Textbooks and Instructional Materials, 6-12 English and Literature, K-12 Mathematics, and Foreign Language.


The Virginia Board of Education is now seeking public comment on these textbooks and intends to review and approve lists of recommended textbooks and instructional materials for use in the public schools in the commonwealth. Lists of adopted textbooks will be made available on the departments website following the Board of Educations action on the recommended textbooks. It is anticipated that the Board of Education will act on the recommended lists in January 2005.


Review copies of all textbooks submitted for the current adoption cycle are available for public examination at various sites around the commonwealth between October 29, 2004, and December 1, 2004.



The local examination sites include:

        The College of William and Mary

        Old Dominion University

        The University of Mary Washington

        George Mason University

        James Madison University

        Radford University

        The University of Virginias College at Wise

        Longwood University

        The Virginia Department of Education


A list of specific contacts and locations for each of the review sites may be found at


Individuals are invited to examine the proposed textbooks at the examination sites and to submit written comments on the forms provided at each examination site. A response form is also available as an attachment to this memorandum and may be submitted via the U. S. mail, fax, or attached to an e-mail message as indicated on the form. The Department of Education will begin to take review responses on October 29, 2004. Comment will be received through December 1, 2004.


Individuals may e-mail the review form and comments to the appropriate link below:

        6-12 English and Literature -

        K-12 Mathematics -

        Foreign Language -


Questions regarding the review process should be directed to Dr. Beverly Thurston, (, coordinator for textbook adoption, at (804)-225-2893.