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May 6, 2005



Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



OMEGA - School Division Access for Submission of Federal Grant Applications and Reimbursement Requests


As reported in Informational Superintendents Memorandum No. 30, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is developing an automated grant reimbursement and application system. The goal of the Online Management of Education Grant Awards (OMEGA) system is to eliminate most, if not all, of the paper submissions currently associated with grant applications and reimbursement requests, resulting in a more effective and efficient process. This memorandum outlines two new processes that will be conducted through OMEGA as well as additional information related to OMEGA.


Submission of 2005-2006 Applications for Federal Funds Under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB)


As discussed in the technical assistance workshops offered on April 19 and 20 (see Informational Superintendents Memorandum No. 49, dated March 4, 2005), the individual and/or consolidated applications must be submitted via the OMEGA system between June 1, 2005, and June 30, 2005. At least one person at the school division level will need to be involved in this automated process to upload completed applications for the nine grants listed below:



The superintendents (or authorized designees) and board chairpersons signatures on the application cover page certify that the local educational agency will implement the general and program specific assurances. OMEGA provides two options for providing the certification to VDOE:


Option 1:

After the application(s) has been uploaded to OMEGA, the division superintendent or an authorized superintendents designee approves the application in OMEGA prior to the June 30 deadline. Under this option, the need to send the paper copy of the signed application cover page(s) to VDOE is eliminated. The application cover page(s) signed by the division superintendent and the local school board chairperson should be retained and filed at the local level.


Option 2:

The division superintendent requests that a Department of Education employee serve as the OMEGA LEA Application Designee and allows the VDOE employee to approve the application in OMEGA on behalf of the division superintendent. If this option is requested, the application cover page signed by the division superintendent and the local school board chairperson must be mailed to the department to the attention of Duane C. Sergent, Program Administration and Accountability, and received by VDOE prior to the June 30, 2005, deadline.


By June 3, each school division must indicate its selected option for approving the application by returning Attachment A, Form A02 - Application Approval Responsibility.


Federal Grant Reimbursement Processing


As discussed in Informational Superintendents Memorandum No. 30, we expect that by June 1, 2005, all school divisions will be able to use the OMEGA system to submit reimbursement requests for the seven pilot grants listed in the memorandum.


After July 1, 2005, all reimbursement requests for the seven pilot awards identified in Informational Superintendents Memorandum No. 30 must be submitted via OMEGA. Other federal grants will be added as early as July 1, 2005. After a grant has been added to OMEGA, all requests for reimbursement of expenditures for that grant must be submitted via OMEGA from that point forward. As grants become available for reimbursement through OMEGA, you will be notified by Superintendents Memorandum. A division superintendent or superintendents designee will not be required to approve individual reimbursement requests. Division superintendents may use the forms referenced below to designate an employee responsible for financial matters to approve reimbursement requests and budget amendments in OMEGA.

OMEGA Training

To facilitate user set up and to establish training needs, forms were sent on March 29, 2005, to school division OMEGA contacts identified in the attachment to Informational Superintendents Memorandum No. 30, or to the contacts requested by the school division. Blank copies of these forms have been provided as Attachments B F of this memorandum.


Initial training was provided in 10 locations around the state during the month of April. This training included:



Training or help desk support will also be provided on an ongoing basis for:



Forms Due to VDOE by June 3, 2005


We appreciate the efforts of the school divisions that have already returned the forms included as Attachments B F. For those divisions, only Attachment A is due by June 3, 2005. Other divisions must return Attachments A F no later than June 3, 2005. Forms should be mailed to:


Department of Education

Attn: Accounting Department

P. O. Box 2120

Richmond, VA 23218-2120


As this system is implemented, your divisions input will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, or you need editable versions of these forms, please contact Karen H. Lux, associate director of grants administration, at or at 804-371-6877, or Marie G. Williams, accounting director, at mailto: or at 804-225-2040. You may also contact Dan Timberlake, assistant superintendent for finance, at 804-225-2025.