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May 6, 2005



Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Transmittal of Statement of Administrative Impact and Project Costs of Implementation for the Proposed Revisions to the Regulations Governing Adult High School Programs


Attached is a copy of the Revisions to the Regulations Governing Adult High School Programs, as approved by the Board of Education on January 12, 2005.


As part of its responsibilities for promulgating new regulations or revisions to existing regulations, the Board of Education is required to develop a statement of the administrative impact. The Board and the Department of Education are required to send a copy of the statement to each division superintendent. (See Section 22.1 17 of the Code of Virginia.)


First, these revisions will create an adult high school diploma for those individuals who were not required to earn verified credit at the time they entered the ninth grade but who meet the credit requirements that were in place at the time they entered ninth grade. Second, an adult high school diploma would be issued to individuals who complete the External Diploma Program (EDP). Currently EDP candidates earn a standard high school diploma. Third, although adults would be eligible to earn a standard or advanced studies high school diploma, they would be required to meet all credit requirements defined by the current Regulations Establishing the Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia (8 VAC 20-131) at the time that they will graduate.

Administrative Impact


The regulations will allow school divisions to issue an adult high school diploma to adults who complete the course requirements for a diploma, including the EDP, but who do not complete the requirements for a Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma.


Fiscal Impact


Implementation of these regulations is not expected to significantly increase the cost of awarding high school diplomas to adults. In a case where an adult wishes to receive a Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma, there could be some cost incurred for administration of the Standards of Learning Tests; however, it is anticipated that most adults will elect to receive the Adult High School Diploma.


If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Hawa, (, associate director, Office of Adult Education and Literacy, at (804) 225-2836.