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July 8, 2005




Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Statewide Partnership Agreement Between Brainbench, Inc. and the Virginia Department of Education


The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Services, is pleased to announce a one-year (2005-06 school year) partnership agreement with Brainbench, Inc., relating to its technical and occupational skills assessments. The Brainbench library of skill assessments is a respected category of industry certifications. The Virginia partnership will focus on Brainbench assessments in the design and drafting, digital media, graphics imaging, and selected information technology areas.


Brainbenchs Internet-based (24/7) assessments are considered pathway credentials for high school students who will work toward additional training and certification after graduation. Brainbench industry certification assessments that are included in the partnership agreement have been approved by the Board of Education for the student-selected verified credit option.


The state partnership agreement will enable high school career and technical education programs to test students on site (free of charge) in selected partnership categories of Brainbench assessments as well as to receive a 30 percent academic discount for other Brainbench tests (i.e., AutoCAD 2000/2002). Without a state partnership, a fee of $49 would be charged per test for most Brainbench assessments.


Schools that want to participate in the state partnership and choose to target one or more Brainbench assessments related to digital media, graphics imaging, or information technology (i.e., free partnership assessment categories) will need to request a registration form by contacting Gordon Creasy (, specialist for industry certification and licensure, Office of Career and Technical Education.


Schools that utilize other categories of Brainbench assessments (such as AutoCAD 2000/2002 design/drafting assessments) can immediately take advantage of the partnership through the use of standard school division purchase orders with a notation that the purchase is subject to a 30 percent academic discount as part of the 2005-06 Virginia DOE/Brainbench partnership agreement.


For information on which Brainbench certification assessments correlate to specific career and technical education programs, contact the appropriate CTE specialist, Office of Career and Technical Education, at 804-225-2051. For information about the state partnership agreement, contact Gordon Creasy at 804-225-2057.