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July 22, 2005





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Title I Supplemental Educational Services under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001: Guidance Update and Announcement of a Technical Assistance Audio Workshop


The United States Department of Education (USED) released revised supplemental educational services (SES) guidance on June 13, 2005. Of particular interest to school divisions are the following policy updates or revisions.

         Item G-12 (p.33) states that if a local educational agency (LEA) has no available schools to which students can transfer the LEA may wish to offer supplemental educational services (SES). This situation may occur when all schools at a grade level are in school improvement, when the LEA has only a single school at that grade level, or when a LEAs schools are so remote from one another that choice is impractical.

         Item C-12 (p.14) states that LEAs that have been approved as SES providers may not continue providing SES if they have been identified as in need of improvement.

         Item C-11 (p.13-14) clarifies that the only exception to item C-12 is that in which a LEA is providing SES to disabled or limited English proficient (LEP) students because no approved providers are able to do so. In this case, the LEA must provide the services (either directly or through a contractor) even if it has been identified as in need of improvement.

         Item C-15 (p.15) states that teachers who work in a school or LEA in need of improvement may serve as SES tutors.

         Item E-4 (p.23) reiterates that a LEA may set a deadline by which parents must request SES.

         Item I-5 (p.38) states that an LEA may terminate SES if the provider is unable to meet the students specific achievement goals and the timetable set out in the agreement between the LEA and provider.

         Item F-10 (p.28) states that an LEA may not ban or limit approved SES providers from promoting their programs and the general availability of SES.

         Items K-5 and K-6 (p.43) states that a LEA may use school improvement funds, Title V funds, and funds transferred to Title I from other program areas to pay for SES.


The revised guidance document can be found at: Supplemental educational services are to be provided in Title I schools that are in Year Two or beyond of Title I School Improvement.


To assist school divisions with understanding the guidance, the Virginia Department of Education is pleased to announce a Title I Supplemental Educational Services Technical Assistance Audio Workshop. The purpose of the one-hour audio workshop is to review the updated guidance. The discussion topics will include: (1) the conditions under which a school or school division may qualify as an SES provider; (2) additional guidelines a school division may require for providers; (3) conditions and guidelines for the provision of SES in Year One School Improvement schools; and 4) termination of SES services by a school division. The second part of the workshop will provide the opportunity for questions from participants.


The workshop is designed for superintendents, Title I coordinators, and principals of schools in Title I School Improvement. Representatives of schools that anticipate placement into Year Two School Improvement, corrective action (Year Three), or restructuring planning (Year Four) based on the 2004-2005 adequate yearly progress (AYP) results should participate in the audio workshop.


The one-hour audio workshop will be held at three different times on August 3, 2005. Division participants are asked to assemble at one location, use a speakerphone, and participate at the assigned time below. Divisions have been assigned a time according to the beginning letter of their school division name. At the appointed starting time, the caller should dial the toll-free number and enter the pass code below.




School Divisions

Toll Free





9 A.M. - 10 A.M.




1 P.M. - 2 P.M.




3 P.M. 4 P.M.





Attachment A contains a response form to be returned by fax on or before July 28, 2005, to Mrs. Helen Tucker, Title I support, at (804) 371-7347. The form contains a place to list SES questions you would like addressed at the workshop.


If you need additional technical information, please contact Mrs. Tucker at or at (804) 225-2905. If you have programmatic questions, please contact Ms. Rita Ghazal, Title I specialist, at or at (804) 225-2904.