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December 2, 2005





Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Nominations for the 2006-2009 Term of the Virginia Advisory Committee for the Education of the Gifted


Article nine, Section 2, of the Bylaws of the Virginia Board of Education adopted in September 2004, authorizes the board to create advisory committees and to prescribe studies those advisory committees are to undertake. The Virginia Advisory Committee for the Education of the Gifted was created by the board in 1982 and was required to provide the board and the Superintendent of Public Instruction with advice and recommendations regarding educational services for gifted students in public schools. At the boards direction, the committee studies issues related to the education of the gifted and to the Governors School program. Its findings are provided to the Board of Education in a manner and at a time prescribed by the board.


Nominees are being sought for the three-year term that will begin in September 2006, and end in June 2009. Nominees are being sought who have expertise in the following areas:


  • classroom instruction and management, working with students at the elementary or secondary level;
  • administration/supervision of local gifted programs, with preference given to small and/or rural school divisions;
  • administration and curricular programming of Academic-Year Governors Schools;
  • participation and leadership of local advisory committees;
  • secondary campus-level administration or leadership of programs for gifted students;
  • administration and leadership within the gifted education community of Virginia;
  • administration and leadership at the school-board level;
  • administration and leadership within the greater teacher education community; and
  • administration and leadership within institutions of higher education, either public or private, that includes work with pre-service or continuing education for teachers of the gifted.


Superintendents and other individuals are invited to recommend nominees to the Advisory Committee for the Education of the Gifted. In March 2006 nominee qualifications will be reviewed, and a slate of recommended members will be submitted to the Board of Education in June 2006 for approval.


Nominations may be made by completing the recommendation form attached to this memorandum and sending it electronically to Dr. Barbara McGonagill (, specialist, Governors Schools and Gifted Education, Office of Middle and High School Instruction, by January 17, 2006. The recommendation form is also available in Microsoft Word format at the Virginia Advisory Committee for the Education of the Gifted Web page at the following address


Questions regarding the Virginia Advisory Committee for the Education of the Gifted, its membership, or activities may be addressed to Dr. McGonagill at 804-225-2884.