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December 9, 2005



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Title I Parental Notification Under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001: Guidance and Sample Public School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services Letters to Parents


Under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Title I schools in school improvement, corrective action, restructuring, or alternative governance are required to notify parents of their childs right to transfer to another public school or receive supplemental educational services (SES). School divisions and schools must ensure that notices include all required statutory components.


As required in Section 1116(b)(6) and Section 1116(e)(3)of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, the parental notification for public school choice (PSC) must contain six components, and the SES notification must contain three components. Title I schools in Year Two, or advanced status, of school improvement may combine the required components for PSC and SES in one notice. This correspondence should contain eight components as component number six is required in both letters.


The required components are listed below. Components one through six are required for PSC notifications, and components six through eight are required for SES notifications.


Required for Public School Choice Notifications

1)     Explanation of what the identification means, and

how the school compares in terms of academic achievement to other elementary schools or secondary schools served by the local educational agency and the state educational agency involved;

2)     Reasons for the identification;

3)     Explanation of what the school identified for school improvement is doing to address the problem of low achievement;

4)     Explanation of what the local educational agency or

state educational agency is doing to help the school address the achievement problem;

5) Explanation of how the parents can become involved

in addressing the academic issues that caused the school to be identified for school improvement;


Required for Public School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services Notifications

6)  Explanation of the parents' option to transfer

their child to another public school (with transportation provided by the agency) and/or to obtain supplemental educational services for the child;


Required for Supplemental Educational Services Notifications

7)  The identity of approved providers of those SES

that are available within the local educational agency or whose services are reasonably available in neighboring local educational agencies, including Web-based providers;

8)  A brief description of the services, qualifications, and demonstrated effectiveness of each such provider.


A sample parental notification for PSC and SES is located on the Virginia Department of Educations Title I website at


For questions regarding the statutory requirements for parental notifications, please contact Rita Ghazal, Title I specialist, at or (804) 225-2904.