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August 31, 2007



Division Superintendents



Billy K. Cannaday, Jr.

Superintendent of Public Instruction



2006-2007 Driver Education Status Questionnaire and 2007-2008 Fee for the Laboratory Phase of Driver Education


The driver education laboratory information submitted on the attached status questionnaire will be used to ensure program compliance in accordance with 22.1-205 of the Code of Virginia and to identify school divisions eligible to receive Driver Education funds in school year 2007-2008.


Please ask your principals to complete Attachment A, the 2006-2007 Status Questionnaire form, and send it to the appropriate person in your finance office for use in completing Attachment B.


Item 135.C.5.e.2, Chapter 847, 2007 Virginia Acts of Assembly, states: Local school boards may charge a per pupil fee for behind-the-wheel driver education provided, however, that the fee charged plus the per pupil basic aid reimbursement for driver education shall not exceed the actual average per pupil cost....


To ensure compliance with state regulations, please complete the appropriate sections of Attachment B. To request approval to charge a fee for behind-the-wheel driver education taught during the 2007-2008 regular school year, please complete pages one and two of Attachment B. To report that your school division will not charge a fee for behind-the-wheel driver education during the regular 2007-2008 school term, please complete and return page one of Attachment B. The fee charged for fiscal year 2008, must not exceed the difference between the average per pupil cost for fiscal year 2007, and the calculated per pupil reimbursement from basic aid for fiscal year 2007. Attachment C provides basic aid payments distributed for behind-the-wheel driver education for fiscal year 2007.


To ensure compliance with state regulations, all school divisions should submit Attachments A and B no later than September 21, 2007.

As you may know, the 2007 General Assembly amended 22.1-205 of the Code of Virginia to include: In addition to the fee approved by the Board of Education pursuant to the appropriation act that allows local school boards to charge a per pupil fee for behind-the-wheel driver education, the Board of Education may authorize a local school board's request to assess a surcharge in order to further recover program costs that exceed state funds distributed through basic aid to school divisions offering driver education programs. Each school board may waive the fee or the surcharge in total or in part for those students it determines cannot pay the fee or surcharge.


If you have any questions about charging a fee or assessing a surcharge for the laboratory phase of driver education, please contact Marie Williams, director of accounting, by e-mail at, or by telephone at (804) 225-2040. If you have any other questions related to driver education, please contact Vanessa Wigand, principal specialist for health education, physical education, and driver education, Office of Middle and High School Instruction, by e-mail at, or by telephone at (804) 225-3300.