Superintendent's Memo #132-09

State seal, Commonwealth of Virginia

Department of Education

May 15, 2009

TO: Division Superintendents

FROM: Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction

SUBJECT: Transmittal of “Statement of Administrative Impact & Projected Costs of Implementation” for the Promulgation of the Proposed Regulations Governing Local School Boards & School Divisions

As part of its responsibility for promulgating new regulations or revisions to existing regulations, the Board of Education is required to develop a statement of the administrative impact and projected cost to school divisions of implementing and complying with such regulations.  The Board and the Department of Education are required to send a copy of the statement to each division superintendent.

The Regulations Governing School Boards Local, 8 VAC 20-490-10 et seq., were adopted on or before September 1, 1980.  These regulations have not been amended since that time and are out-of-date.  Additionally, several other regulations have been promulgated that address regulatory requirements for local school boards and school divisions.  Some of these regulations were adopted on or about September 1, 1980, as well.  They all lend themselves to consolidation with the Regulations Governing School Boards Local. 

This proposed regulation, approved by the Virginia Board of Education on April 30, 2009, incorporates the current Regulations Governing School Boards Local with the applicable regulatory requirements from these other regulations so that local school boards and school divisions will have one regulation containing applicable regulatory requirements.  The text of the proposed regulations can be found at: .

The regulations to be consolidated into this one regulation are as follows (By clicking on the links below, you will be exiting the Virginia Department of Education website and be directed to the Virginia General Assembly Legislative Information System website):

When these regulations have been consolidated into the Regulation Governing Local School Boards and School Divisions, the current individual regulations will be repealed simultaneously with the promulgation of the new regulation.

Administrative Impact and Projected Costs of Implementation

The revision and consolidation of these regulations is expected to have a minimal to no fiscal or administrative impact on local school divisions because it incorporates requirements that are already in effect and eliminates those that are no longer needed. Additionally, it will provide school divisions with revised up-to-date regulatory requirements along with increased flexibility in carrying out required actions. 

Should you have any questions about this regulation, please contact the Office of Policy at (804) 225-2403 or by e-mail at

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