Superintendent's Memo #223-09

State seal, Commonwealth of Virginia

Department of Education

August 14, 2009

TO: Division Superintendents

FROM: Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction

SUBJECT: Training Opportunity for New & Beginning Teachers
DUE DATE: August 14, 2009

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) in cooperation with the Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute (CEPI), Virginia Commonwealth University, and Henrico County Schools is pleased to offer a new teacher training opportunity. The project titled “Professional Development Toolkit for New and Beginning Teachers” is a research-based set of 45 single-concept video clips and accompanying materials. Accompanying materials include full scripts, annotated bibliographies, Internet links, and a teacher work/study guide for each video.

The purpose of the opportunity is to inform K-12 new and beginning teachers of effective methods and best practices relating to twelve topics identified in a 2006 field study conducted by the CEPI. Facilitators are Virginia Commonwealth University teacher training professors, educational administration and supervision faculty. Classroom teachers provide experience-based teaching tips and advice in each video.

Video topics are classroom control and discipline, teaching strategies and practices, technology use and integration, balanced assessment, parent communication, unmotivated students, feelings of isolation, roadblocks, standards of learning, time management, administration and supervision, and diverse learners.

A link to the toolkit may be found on the VDOE Teacher Education and Licensure page. The direct link is Questions and technical assistance requests may be directed to Cathy Cheely at or (804) 225-2972 and to Marti Collier at or (804) 827-3290.

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