Superintendent's Memo #209-10

State seal, Commonwealth of Virginia

Department of Education

September 3, 2010

TO: Division Superintendents

FROM: Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction

SUBJECT: Collection for National Board Certification Teacher Incentive Awards

The annual process for collecting and verifying information on teachers eligible for National Board Certification incentive awards has been revised, and the collection procedures have been automated.  The purpose of this memorandum is to request that you verify and submit information on teachers employed in your school division who are eligible for incentive awards.

The Virginia General Assembly, in Chapter 874, 2010 Appropriation Act Item 131.G., appropriated funds to pay incentive awards for teachers who hold National Board Certification, who are employed in a school division (as verified on September 30) for the 2010-2011 school year, and who meet the criteria outlined in the Guidelines for Distributing National Board Certification Incentive Awards established by the Virginia Board of Education.  The guidelines may be accessed at  An initial award not to exceed $5,000 and continuing awards not to exceed $2,500 will be awarded to eligible teachers subject to available funding.  In accordance with the Board of Education guidelines, the procedure for disbursement of funds if the program is not fully funded shall be based on a 2:1 ratio.  (The initial award would be twice that of the continuing award.)

This year, the National Board Certification Incentive Award (NBCIA) application, accessible from the Virginia Department of Education’s Single Sign-on for Web Systems (SSWS)
Web site, will be used to collect information on teachers from Virginia public school divisions who meet the eligibility requirements for a National Board Certified incentive award.  Each school division has a SSWS account manager who can provide your designated National Board program coordinator or human resources staff access to this application.  Instructions for entering and submitting the data are available online as part of the SSWS-NBCIA application.  Individual teachers will no longer be requested to submit employment verification forms to the Department of Education.

For the 2010-2011 data collection, data must be submitted by the school division via the SSWS-NBCIA application from September 3, 2010, through October 15, 2010.  Once you have completed and verified your NBCIA data submission, print the National Board Certification Incentive Award Verification Report and corresponding affidavit page, and then fax both the verification report and the signed affidavit to Ms. Dara Tucker, coordinator of National Board Certification, at (804) 530-4510, no later than Friday, October 15.  Please note that even if you do not employ any teachers eligible to receive the incentive award, the verification report and signed affidavit must be returned to the Department of Education.  In this case, the verification report will display a statement indicating that "There are no eligible teachers reported for this collection cycle."

Meeting the established submission timelines and ensuring that all teacher information is complete and accurate are critically important because the calculation and distribution of incentive awards will be based on this collection.  All National Board Certified teachers eligible for the incentive award must be identified through this process because funds may not be available if the names of individuals are identified after the collection window.

Funds for payment of teacher incentive awards will be electronically transferred from the Department of Education to school divisions, and school divisions will be responsible for making the incentive award payments to their National Board Certified teachers. Should the amount needed to pay the incentives in the fiscal year 2011 exceed the funds appropriated, the award payments will be reduced in accordance with Board of Education guidelines.

If you have technical questions regarding the NBCIA application and data submission, please contact Mr. Brian Mason, project specialist for teacher education and licensure, at or (804) 225-2823.  Questions regarding National Board Certification may be directed to Ms. Dara Tucker, coordinator of National Board Certification, at or (804) 692-0172, or Dr. James Lanham, director of teacher licensure and school leadership, at or (804) 371-2471.