Superintendent’s Memo #203-13

State seal, Commonwealth of Virginia

Department of Education

August 2, 2013

TO:  Division Superintendents

FROM:  Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction

SUBJECT:  Changes to the 2013 Fall Master Schedule Collection

Beginning with the fall collection in 2013, the Master Schedule Collection (MSC) will be used to collect and report the Secondary Enrollment Demographics Form (SEDF) formerly collected by the Office of Career and Technical Education.  In addition, the fall MSC will continue collecting IPAL data.

The MSC will continue to include all course-level data by student and teacher for all students in grades K-12, including career and technical education courses.  The data will still reflect course information for all classes that are being taught or that will be taught during the 2013-2014 school year.

Divisions are encouraged to develop a process by which the local career and technical education administrator can work directly with the MSC contact to produce and verify the MSC data.  Because the SEDF is used to determine the Standards of Quality (SOQ) add-on funding for career and technical education, it is imperative that all MSC submissions be accurate and timely.

A detailed listing of the data elements for the 2013 MSC are posted on the Virginia Department of Education’s Web site at

Questions or concerns relating to the 2013 Fall Master Schedule Collection should be directed to Educational Applications via e-mail at or telephone at (804) 225-2099.

Questions or concerns regarding the Secondary Enrollment Demographics Form and career and technical education should be directed to Mark Burnet via e-mail at or telephone at (804) 371-2924.

Questions or concerns regarding career and technical education SOQ add-on funding should be directed to the Budget Office via e-mail at or telephone at (804) 225-2025