Superintendent’s Memo #287-15

State seal, Commonwealth of Virginia

Department of Education

December 4, 2015

TO:  Division Superintendents

FROM:  Steven R. Staples, Superintendent of Public Instruction

SUBJECT: Multi-Systems Policy and Procedure Survey for Education

The purpose of this Memorandum is to solicit participation in completing a survey regarding the formal and informal policies and practices of local school systems engaging with juveniles who are involved with multi-agencies.  The survey results are strictly confidential and will be used to gain a better understanding of gaps and services needed, identify and seek solutions to remove barriers for collaboration and improve alignment and coordination of services.  All responses will be aggregated for reporting purposes.

In 2013, representatives from the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), the Department of Social Services (DSS), the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS), the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and the Virginia Commission on Youth attended the Georgetown University Center for Juvenile Justice Reform’s Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare: Multi-Systems Integration Certification Program.  A representative from the Department of Education was later added to the workgroup which embarked upon a study of cross system youth following the Georgetown program.  The DCJS engaged Hornby Zeller Associates, Inc. (HZA) to conduct a Cross Systems Assessment Study to profile the juvenile population in the state, including its service, behavioral and educational needs.  As part of this assessment, surveys are being conducted with representatives from each of the relevant domains to gather information about statewide and local policies and procedures which are in place to deal with juveniles across the state.

Please click on the link and complete the survey by December 21, 2015.  Thank you in advance for your participation.  Your input is valuable to understanding and improving outcomes for Virginia’s youth.

Survey link:

If you have any questions regarding the survey or have difficulty accessing the survey online, please contact Hornby Zeller Associates Help Desk at 1-866-207-2077.

For additional information please contact Tracey L Jenkins, Division of Programs and Services, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services by e-mail at or by phone at (804) 692-0977, or Jo Ann Burkholder, director of student services, by e-mail at or by phone at (804) 225-2818.