DATE: June 8, 2018
TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: James F. Lane, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP): Application for 2018-2019

This memorandum provides information on the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) and the FFVP application for school year (SY) 2018-2019. The FFVP application, selection, funding, and claiming processes are part of the School Nutrition Program Web-based software system (SNPWeb). All information for the FFVP, including the signed FFVP Addendum to the Annual Agreement, is maintained within SNPWeb. Eligible elementary schools will be invited to apply within the school division’s application for SY 2018-2019. The FFVP application will open on June 8 and will close on June 29, 2018.

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program provides funding to schools for fresh fruit and vegetable snacks to be provided at no cost to all students during the school day, at times other than breakfast or lunch, in selected elementary schools. The program is available to elementary schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and meet the minimum percentage of enrolled students eligible for free or reduced price meals to be invited to apply.

The FFVP is intended to:

Farm to School in the FFVP:

The FFVP is an ideal program to implement Farm-to-School practices in participating elementary schools. FFVP funding may be used to purchase local, seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables to serve as the FFVP snack. Local farmers and partners, such as the local food hub, may be better equipped to provide the smaller quantities of local fresh fruits and vegetables necessary for the FFVP snack.  School divisions should include their plan for incorporating Farm-to-School (F2S) in the FFVP as part of the FFVP application: Section E, Implementation Plan, Item 12. The F2S plan will be considered as part of the FFVP application evaluation. Information on procurement practices for purchasing local produce is available on the School Nutrition Programs (SNP) website. For more information on F2S partners and resources in your area, contact the SNP F2S Specialist, Trista Grigsby, by phone at (804) 225-2331 or by email at Email link. .

Best Practices and Resources for the FFVP:

FFVP Application Process for 2018-2019:

The FFVP application will be completed in SNPWeb by the school division contact person for all eligible, invited elementary schools interested in participating. The free and reduced eligibility level for Virginia elementary schools to be invited to apply is 65 percent as of the prior October. Elementary schools with free and reduced price eligibility of 65 percent or more will appear on the school division’s FFVP application invitation list in SNPWeb. If there are no eligible elementary schools, the school division’s FFVP invitation list will be blank.

The FFVP Application Packet is an item in the School Nutrition Programs Applications section of SNPWeb.  To apply, follow these steps:

FFVP Selection, Funding, and Reimbursement Claims:

School selection, funding, and notification will be completed no later than July 16, 2018.  Elementary schools selected and approved to participate in the FFVP for SY 2018-2019 will receive separate funding allocations in SNPWeb for July through September 2018, and October 2018 through June 2019. Funding levels will total approximately $60 to $65 per student for SY 2018-2019 depending on the school’s enrollment at the time of application; the total enrollment of all schools selected to participate; and, the available FFVP funding. The majority of FFVP funds must be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables with no more than 10 percent allocated to equipment and administrative program costs. School divisions will submit monthly reimbursement claims for FFVP schools in SNPWeb.

Orientation and Training for Schools Funded to Participate in SY 2018-2019:

An orientation webinar will be conducted on July 23, 2018, for school division contact persons with one or more schools in the division funded to participate in the FFVP. The orientation will provide specific information about implementing the FFVP, incorporating Farm to School into the FFVP, procurement for local produce, submitting reimbursement claims in SNPWeb, and programmatic updates. Details for participating in the webinar will be provided directly to the FFVP funded school divisions by email.

Questions and requests for information about the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program may be directed to the School Nutrition Program Regional Specialist, or to Lynne Fellin by email at Email link. .