DATE: June 22, 2018
TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: James F. Lane, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Fiscal Year 2018 Career and Technical Education Occupational Preparation and Adult Education Entitlements (State Lottery Funds)

The fiscal year 2018 state entitlements for Career and Technical Education (CTE) occupational preparation and adult education for each school division, including regional center entitlements, are identified in Attachment A.  The regional center entitlements will be paid directly to each center’s fiscal agent school division.  The amounts identified in Attachment A will be paid to school divisions in one payment on June 30, 2018, by electronic funds transfer.  In fiscal year 2018, these entitlement payments are funded with state lottery funds.

State funds distributed to eligible school divisions are based upon actual expenditures from the prior fiscal year and the total funds appropriated by the General Assembly for CTE occupational preparation and adult education programs.  To determine each school division’s fiscal year 2018 allocation for CTE occupational preparation and adult education programs, state funding is divided by the total school year 2016-2017 local funds expenditures to determine the reimbursement percentage for each program.

For fiscal year 2018, it has been determined that each eligible school division will be reimbursed for 52.20 percent of its school year 2016-2017 CTE occupational preparation expenditures and 52.20 percent of its CTE adult education program expenditures.  Those school divisions that did not operate these programs in school year 2016-2017 and did not record any local fund expenditures are not eligible to receive any state reimbursement in fiscal year 2018.

If you have questions concerning the state entitlements, please contact George R. Willcox, Acting Director, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, at Email link. or by telephone at (804) 225-2052.



  1. CTE School Division Entitlement Payments from State Lottery Funds – Fiscal Year 2018